Sunday of Lies and Blair Spin

What a morning that Sunday was. The Andrew Marr show was disgraceful.  The BBC really have little regard for 17. 4M licence payers (I suspect that number is greater now), that's nearly £100M per year in the licence fee.  They (BBC) are clear, their master is the €52M per year that the EU grant to... Continue Reading →


Mrs May Continues in Office

Waving her withdrawal agreement like the sword of Damocles. The good ship Mrs May's lollipop, 1st mate Jeremy Corbyn Mrs May sets sail for pastures new! She has hoisted her main sail, enlisted her crew assigned her 1st mate, Jeremy Corbyn and last seen heading in the direction of Lenin’s tomb. On-route to retrace the... Continue Reading →

Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage

The Dynamic Duo To The Rescue and they will both be in the EU Parliament.   Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage A Strictly Serious Pair. I am always amused by Verhaufstadt, his many protestations regarding Brexit and the UK! I find it amusing that the smallest boy in the room can push the biggest around,... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces Of Brexit Skulduggery

The Face of the Brexit European Union Skulduggery Comes In Many Forms  Listen to the people, this is not going away passions are running high. Not necessarily because you are ignoring us, more because you are treating us as stupid. Add to this the argument coming from remain in the European Union camp, it is... Continue Reading →

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