Mrs May’s Brexit from the European Union

The are many satirical views as to the changes that have occured during Mrs May's negotiation with the EU. But, was it ever a negotiation, or was it just a delaying tactic in the hope the Great British public would surrender and remain subservient to the wim of the monied elite.       What... Continue Reading →


The EU army will make the UK another Catalonia

Is it even feasible to have an EU army, particularly when it is proposed by Macron that it should be able defend against American invasion. How ridiculous is that when all the threats come from the East? Trump calls Macron’s comments on building a European army to defend against US ‘insulting’.   We should all... Continue Reading →

Mrs May Continues in Office

Waving her withdrawal agreement like the sword of Damocles. The good ship Mrs May's lollipop, 1st mate Jeremy Corbyn Mrs May sets sail for pastures new! She has hoisted her main sail, enlisted her crew assigned her 1st mate, Jeremy Corbyn and last seen heading in the direction of Lenin’s tomb. On-route to retrace the... Continue Reading →

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