Brexit – Indonesia the place to be and it’s not in the EU!

The UK should just exit then focus on Asia's Century there's no better place to start than Indonesia. Indonesia is a vibrant archipelago with a stable, democratic government. Under Jokowi Widodo who is now entering his second term in office the country is poised to benefit from its increasing middle classes. 260M people diverse in... Continue Reading →

Hidden wonder Mount Ijen

The Beauty Of Mount Ijen A change of pace today as I would very much like to share a story of a beautiful location on this planet. Mount Ijen towering over tropical rain forests adorned by layered or terraced rice paddies forming giant steps through the foot hills of this magical spot. A change of... Continue Reading →

Business Asia P.2. Indonesia

Indonesia Many Projects At A Governmental Level.  For example:Program to Accelerate Agrarian Reform (One Map Project).Their plan, Environmental and social Management Framework (ESMF) is large, it's comprehensive and necessary to create a sustainable environment going forward.  Indonesia's population in 1960 was around 60M people it is now 260M. The archipelago is expansive with land rights poorly... Continue Reading →

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