Mrs May together with Corbyn Sets sail away from the US on a heading to see Lenin and Mao

  Mrs May The subject is not closed, give Gavin Williamson is day in court. I think it's safe to say Mrs May is a “bloody difficult woman” but, who'd thought that Jean Claude Juncker and Jeremy Corbyn would be able to use it to their advantage such that they have.    Whilst Gavin Williamson... Continue Reading →


It Is Not Yet Over

It's not over yet.. who is Nancy Pelosi to interfere in the UK. Don't you just love it when the EU make announcements just for effect! This whole episode is really quite pathetic. A video below describes brexit as it is today!

The UK networks stretch far and wide

  I have two threads running under this blog title. 1. Brexit, 2. Asia and Asia's Century. Today I will look at the combination of the two and how it matters, of course once we have the courage to finally leave the regulatory constraints of the EU.   Commonwealth, NAFTA, English Speaking Nations    The... Continue Reading →

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