German Car Industry could collapse with no deal brexit

Only now is the reality sinking in, my god what does it take. The Bilderberg union has only one goal: To destroy nation states and form one of the three pillars. To do this they have to wreak our economies, dilute our culture, so we acquiesced to their dangerous plan. I originally wrote this article... Continue Reading →


The Many Faces Of Brexit Skulduggery

The Face of the Brexit European Union Skulduggery Comes In Many Forms  Listen to the people, this is not going away passions are running high. Not necessarily because you are ignoring us, more because you are treating us as stupid. Add to this the argument coming from remain in the European Union camp, it is... Continue Reading →

Europe Past Cache Of Cultural Treasures.

A Papal dynasty, mythology, philosophy. Rich in tapestry. Universities, individuality.Thought through maturity, culture through classics. Paulus Orosius a scholar for sure. Empires surround us. Babylon was on. Rome remaining, Persia for sure. Greek were great leaders on tour.Carolingian dynasty gave birth to prosperity. Secular in surroundings. Prospering throughout National integrity blessed with personality. Scholars abound! Augustinian frequented the past he lamented. History has... Continue Reading →

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