The UK Has A Future, Only Outside The European Union

I believe in political union. I believe in political Europe. I believe in the Europe of integration. I believe in a Europe where we have the economy, culture and the politics brought together.Nicolas Sarkozy President of France, 2007 When a cow is born in a horse‚Äôs stable, it is still a cow.Anon The Collapse Of... Continue Reading →


No Time For Games Comrade Corbyn

Corbyn in labour is wrong he's a maoist a marxist a Commie perhapsHis politics are clear, his party not there. His backers persuasive... perhaps the party's in fear. Oh dear....Policies doomed the 70s they were done. Unions were there, intent on destruction..... devastation is near. Comrade Corbyn... the Soviets are no more. Your doctrine has... Continue Reading →

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