Thank God For Our Monarch – Graceful As Ever

Two subjects 1) Corporate elite, 2) Appalling negotiation skills MPs have.1. Big business it should be noted have traditionally favoured closer ties to the EU. However, not all. Companies, individuals such as Sir James Dyson, Tim Martin Weatherspoons, Anthony Bamford The Chairman of JCB, Dame Helena Morrissey The head of personal investing at Legal & General,... Continue Reading →

Brexit Duplicity reigns supreme

Brexit Backdoor DealThe Daily Telegraph have today run a story; re the Cabinet Ministers who are insisting on a Free Vote over the issue of no deal.  The deputy protagonist, of course not the Chief as that is a mantle that Philip Hammond holds. Voters in Hastings have elected to leave the European Union. The Brexit... Continue Reading →

Brexit – 2nd Referendum they dare

Denmark decidedly NO! The treaty was wounded fatally flawed.Danish remembered a period in their past, When! The Germans were there on the streets of the Christianshavn. Fear emerged, power of their neighbour resurfaced. The control of their lives, No was their vote. Maastricht oh Maastricht why were you so strict. A treaty of sorts not the biggest of course. Euro was... Continue Reading →

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