To shocking for words. Our UK politics are in the gutter! We're well past the hour to clean house. Have they had us so distracted that we missed the corruption, vested interests. Politicians and Prime Ministers condoning rape, torture, and even murder? They sold our gold, took us into an illegal war, blocked Professor Kelly's inquest within hours of his death, and now it is... Continue Reading →


Shadow government plans Bilderberg world government?

Bilderberg meeting with Ursula Von der Leyen in Switzerland. Bilderberg's strike again. "The Bilderberg purpose is to subvert the democratic principles and processes of individual countries and are by nature ideologically ‘hawkish’ – distributing propaganda, stoking fear of communist plots from Russia, vote rigging and hacking the accounts of politicians and prominent global figures. Promoting... Continue Reading →

Prime Minister Beauty Contest

Amusing if it wasn't so serious Oh, my! Can't you see it? Raab is out so now it's a straight race between four remainers, Gove is not true to his word, and one Brexiteer. Democracy is a wonderful dream. I predicted Friday of Rory Stewart’s ascension, within my circle of friends I became the subject... Continue Reading →

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