New World Order Population to be culled by 95%.

Mrs Miller believes it has already been done based on her total disregard for Brexit. As I sit here I am reminded of the Katie Melua song "God on the drums, devil on the bass." I have just experienced my 4th major earthquake in eight years all of which in less than one year and... Continue Reading →


Bilderberg’s EU is not our EU!

Bilderberg's, EU is not toy made available for as a rich person pleasure to control the masses. Bilderberg's are everywhere in the Sky's (O'leary),  in the Cabinet (Amber Rudd), Elder statesmen (Ken Clarke), anti brexit Yvette Cooper (Ed Balls), Royalty (Prince Charles) the list continues: Osborne, Blair, Major (referred as the Bilderberg poodle), Cameron, World... Continue Reading →

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