The UK networks stretch far and wide

  I have two threads running under this blog title. 1. Brexit, 2. Asia and Asia's Century. Today I will look at the combination of the two and how it matters, of course once we have the courage to finally leave the regulatory constraints of the EU.   Commonwealth, NAFTA, English Speaking Nations    The... Continue Reading →

Hidden wonder Mount Ijen

The Beauty Of Mount Ijen A change of pace today as I would very much like to share a story of a beautiful location on this planet. Mount Ijen towering over tropical rain forests adorned by layered or terraced rice paddies forming giant steps through the foot hills of this magical spot. A change of... Continue Reading →

America’s Withdrawal Drives Asia’s Growth

Not to be left behind relationships are forming, Italy is snubbing the EU and looking East. Denmark are forming a relationship, as referenced in the Jakarta post: Indonesia-Denmark: An innovative partnership for the 21st century, Indonesia's Century.   Donald Trump's America First Policy Driving Asia Growth. Trump's cross-hairs, there's a pun but not intended. China,... Continue Reading →

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