Conservatives need to investigate Peterborough

The Government need to restore faith in the electoral system. We've had three years of being told we are stupid. More expense scandals and representatives of leave constituencies ignoring their electorate. Now we have the indications, proven in the past of vote rigging. If, we are to trust the system the incumbent government needs to... Continue Reading →

Fraud Peterborough? Nah Political Correctness!

ELECTION 69.4% postal vote? You're taking the mickey? Just asking? God Forbid I should suggest such Behaviour from a picturesque  town/city that can only be termed a bastion of middle England. A beautiful part of the United Kingdom, Lakes, parks, exotique sanctuaries. A place rich in history, culture, Museums, 12C Cathedral, Elton hall, Flag fen.... Continue Reading →

Brexit, Trump we are so stupid. Look to the world.

All around the world the press is alive with positive events pushing their countries forward. In the West the Bilderberg's have destroyed us. They have deliberately harmed our culture. Inhibited our business and crashed the EU economies through the introduction of the Euro. The Headlines from around the world today. Progressive countries marching forward and... Continue Reading →

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