Democracy Vs Slavery

This is not about Brexit this is about who owns the money and the rest of us.

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After decades of betrayal and continuous lies have the people of Europe finally awoken, realising that their elected governments are not the democratic saviours they proclaim to be in elections – but a selected chosen few, whose aims and agenda’s no longer run parallel with the goals and best interests of the people, but those who have been working to oppress and enslave them?

Could it be possible that a secret group of people – who operate in the shadows – are really pulling all the strings of democracy? And if so, how have they been allowed to progress to such a position of absolute power, when safeguards are purposely put in place to prevent such evil conquering humanity?

The answer is by stealth and deception. How do you convince a society to accept an agenda, that in itself can be used against them to suppress views, opinions and free speech – for fear of causing offence, or even breaking laws that were deliberately put in place to make compliance essential? By carefully drip feeding rhetoric and propaganda in to a collective to function as spells, a population can be indoctrinated into thinking anything they are told to do so!

The trouble with spells is that they are only temporary – and CAN be broken when challenged. Everything you see around you is not of your freewill or choosing, despite what you may think, but a carefully orchestrated plot to funnel all of humanity in one direction – to create a society or obedient drones who can’t, or rather won’t, disagree with the future status quo, for fear of the social reprisals, being outcast or even removed from society. You will have no choice but to obey regardless, even when it goes against sound logic and reasoning, because the consequences and punishment will be swift and severe!

If Brussels is really about free trade and the betterment of humanity, why do they need total control over all member states’ governments and laws? How can democracy exist when elections are tailored towards ‘our way or no way’ – and keep voting until you come back with a result we approve of? Why does an organisation – who claims to be open – have no transparency when it comes to their own finances and accounts? Where is their own accountability? Finally, why does an organisation – who’s sole emphasis and primary objective is about trade – need a private army of their own?!

You all need to step back and look past this facade of freedom and liberalism and ask yourself whether you would have bought in to this programme if it hadn’t have happened gradually over 4 decades by stealth. Imagine if tomorrow one of the powerhouses like China, Russia, Germany or even the USA proposed: “You join ‘our club’, but the price – or rather, cost – of this membership is a complete surrender of your sovereignty ~ the means to control and manipulate your government to suit our interests ~ unfettered access to all your assets and commodities ~ the ability to rewrite your rules and regulations ~ to follow ours, and should you not comply with any of our instructions, i.e: freedom of movement, forced immigration or trading outside of the block without our consent, you will be sanctioned and punished.” Would you REALLY want and fight for that ridiculous idea and deal, or sensibly decline and withdraw in haste?

Even the left of politics can’t argue that the EU has serious systemic problems from within. Juncker himself was being investigated for illegally wire tapping other politicians! I can’t go into the suspicion of embezzlement, as I have no proof to support those facts – as clarity isn’t something that Brussels collectively engages in! We can note their lack of respect for democracy – which is apparent to all but the ignorant – and surely it’s impossible to reform a dictatorship who can see no flaws in its management or process? The EU will not deliver the harmonious future you seek, because of their own ideological plan. We have all witnessed the devastation caused when 2million immigrants have been introduced into Europe. The UN migrant pact wants to import another 60million over the next 6yrs! What you have endured is a drop in the ocean. If you think you have an issue with social cohesion, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Imagine it 30 times worse!

This rigid nature – and lack of empathy towards Europeans – should at least make you question their vision and motives! Utopia will become dystopia – hence the implementation of an EU army in waiting. I use that loosely, as it already exits – and is ready to be deployed! Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Do you REALLY feel comfortable placing your lives in EUROGENDFOR hands?!

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