The Fry Group Financial Advisors or are they? Well maybe, but only in the good times. Brexit and break from this money men arrogance.

It appears to me this group are behind the times of the brexit bow wave, freeports the future as more power returns to the people. But not these guys you’re still a serf from these Soros money men. Show weakness offer solutions and it emboldens their ego and for that you will have insulted them. One day I will publish their correspondence as it makes for a comedy. Bruised egos are visible, retribution comes thick and fast.

As Brexit looms pension move around from shore to shore, from country to country. In my opinion don’t be fooled, just as Soros offers a Utopia don’t be taken in by the platitudes, products that target us expats. In my experience they offer neither a base for experts nor expertise in pensions. But, by golly there is expertise in feigning indignation.

A lesson for all to learn not just those in Brussels most certainly the Fry group

Is it my future “The Fry Group” are destroying? How does a Financial advisory firm who employ advisors label them as advisors, then deny that they have advisors. Even though all correspondence refers to a dedicated advisor. The pension itself through the funds refer an individual as an advisor. Yet Fry group strenuously deny they have advisors. They have now it has gone wrong, labelled them as “Financial planners.” However, upon my complaint Compliance still refer them as Advisors.

The definition under the Financial services act an “Advisor is impartial.” Ie. Not employed. Otherwise, they should be defined as “Intermediaries.” However, they will claim the Financial product they use is independent. But look again Fry group is on the board.

I feel that I have fallen into a shady world of double dealing. Into the New World Order where money men no longer have clients they have serfs. How dare I complain, from here on in, your pension can collapse we will take no more responsibility for it, I interpret the statements from one of the C’s of this 120 year company.

Is this a company you should waste your life on?

Are these people the best custodians of a brand name lovingly built by their predecessors? They now use to abuse their clients / serfs through.

As an investor would you consider The Fry Group?

Wealth Warning to expats

Has this company been hijacked?  Do they really support expats? As a career expat in Asia my pension spans many locations, consolidation was my aim. Where, better than a company that “specializes” in expat pensions The Fry Group.  But do they?

Instead of consolidating they were only able to handle the taxable element within the UK. The tax-free portion, I had to cash, place elsewhere otherwise the income was erroneously taxed.  So instead of consolidating I am now further fragmented.  The abusive mails when complaining, well to use paratos analysis (The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity, states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. … Pareto developed both concepts in the context of the distribution of income and wealth among the population) My pension nightmares conform perfectly to Paratos theory.  Ninety percent of my issues are with Ten percent. Can Fry group do what their advertising claims. ie.  Cross borders.. In my opinion NO!  Can they handle currency hedging that expats require?  Sadly in my experience NO! Can they outperform a rising market? Hell they don’t even try so NO? I’m down, compounded further by a huge currency loss.. Can you complain? Of course, but you will be told to take your business and go elsewhere. In quite emphatic terms.

If your goal is to create tax deductible losses then this is the place for you. Would I recommend this company to anyone? Not to anyone I like. This is not expat pension company, don’t waste your life on them. I have had to consider other companies such as Schroder, Danamon, fantastic companies forced on me. Thank god they were!

Consider this what if there is a down market?

I’m intrigued their reviews 30% are anonymous all except one are “Extremely likely to Recommend.”

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4* out of 5. “The adviser was professional at all times and I didn’t feel like I was being pressurised into any particular investment. Financial planning process was in-depth and informative.”
Anonymous, 9th July 2019

31 reviews in 120 years stunning all within the last year, within the last 9 months. Could not possibly be a result of the appointment of their Chief of Marketing?

In my experience – don’t be taken in this is not a place for an expat to place his life’s work. They need to get ahead of the curve and focus on the people, just as Brexit has!


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