It’s Always a pleasure to be abused by the Fry Group.. My Financial Advisor from Singapore and Worthing.

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When is a Financial advisor from Fry group not a Financial advisor? When they have you as an account. All Complaints resolved immediately…. you're simply told to take your account and go somewhere else…. solved. Are Fry group a company that gives good expat service?…. yes of course.. and after you've paid your entrance fee? …. yes of course they help you to leave them. When your advisor leaves the company do they tell you? Hell they don't even tell the fund manager…. would I recommend them? yes of course but only to people I don't like….. Performance brilliant only a small depreciation over 12 months. Thank God I would have hated to have benefited from the market rise 7%. Or as an expat with a firm that focuses on expat business to have been hedged against currency moves. Loss 15% in a climbing market. Is this a model for expats? No very definitely not at least not if you plan to retire. I feel I am now prepared for when the New World Order sweeps in, a life of serfdom to Soros' money men. Their response to me are abusive.

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