Boris break from form or more of the same?

Like most a sane person, middle of the road, a person who values our heritage, our culture, a good pint at a local hostelry, for whether it is London Pride, Hook Norton or Boddingtons Bitter, proudly independent brewers of distinction. Most of us will have been traumatized by the political landscape of the last three years, most would sit back breathe a gasp and relax into our reclining chair lift the foot stool and wash the past a way as though it never happened. In all honesty we would welcome a goat into No. 10 if it bleated Brexit do or die. I am that person, sadly where I live none of the above beers are available, however, Kilkenny’s is which is more than acceptable.

So why is my headline such that it is? Why am I espousing caution? Simple I have set my stall out my criteria is on a cabinet consisting of not one Bilderberg and most definitely not Amber Rudd. Amber Rudd retains her position as Works and Pension. It is my belief Amber Rudd follows only one master, and that is Soros, she has intermediaries such as Clarke, Maude I’m sure, but she is a disciple of the New World Order, and in my opinion a dangerous one at that.

What changed Amber Rudd’s mind, or who?

Amber Rudd a ferocious opponent of Brexit, Soros a ferocious opponent of Brexit, Clarke a ferocious opponent of Brexit, Major known as the Bilderberg poodle a fero…. You see where I am going with this. To me Amber Rudd was instructed to tone her rhetoric down appear remorseful, and curry favour, ingratiate herself with Boris through obsequious behaviour. She has done just that. Therefore, for Boris to have kept her in the cabinet for me that was a test that he failed and failed spectacularly. It was the difference between the New wave of people power to a return via a new angle of New World order advocates.

Why do I Witter on so, anyone who follows my articles will know that I believe the world is in some danger. The New World Order mission is admirable, superb who in their right mind can blame a group that advocates a better world, a more cohesive world. Am I insane, many would say yes and not because I espouse this rhetoric. Yet when you consider the “New World Order” doctrine sure they want to make the world a better place. But 1. Only for the few 2. The rest will be serfs. 3. That is those that make it for they wish to mass exterminate us, through disease, incinerated or buried at the 800 or so Fema camps suddenly available across the USA, then buried in Obama’s plastic boxes. 4, Mass vaccinations laced with Mercury to dumb down the population.  So for me Amber Rudd personifies a return to the almost inevitable path of subservient World Order, orchestrated by 150 bankers, leaders, industrialist and despots. Some time ago I highlighted Ebola as their weapon of choice, since it has become an International crisis.

Hollywood’s role in the process to condition the mind!

Why do you think we are treated to an almost daily dose of “Handmaid’s Tale?” Movies such as; “I am mother” the list is endless.

1st Cabinet meeting, is there a 5th column?

Enough, I wanted like most to believe in Boris and maybe we can, I hope this was a tactical error, and not foisted upon him, like deficient merchandise. A leopard never changes it spots, and we must not drop our guard. Today with Trump, Farage, Boris, Orban, Salvini, Le Pen, Putin we are in a safer place. But for how long?

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Today the EU army, tomorrow the UN army. Then soldiers aided by 5G, indoctrinated by HAARPs aided by AI will be on your street corner, utter madness. Bilderberg disciples stretch far and wide, far beyond the shores of the UK and Europe. It’s no secret Macron and Merkel are one, along with 751 EU officials and MEPs, Clinton, Obama, even Abe. However, strike one will be Europe, of which May ensured we the UK were an integral part.

A new dawn, but do we have a new Churchill for sure we do for Boris has the passion, and the intellect to cut through the obfuscation designed to fool us all.  Next goal the undermining done by the puppets within extinction rebellion. Sure the planet is in difficulty that is evident for all to see, where I live we have had six earthquakes in one year, that’s seven that I have experienced in ten years, hell does the planet have an issue for sure yes, but it begins and ends at population. This can be reduced and it must, but over 50 years or so.  I will leave on another note; Recently, I discussed the HAARPs system of which there are nine, or ten installations across the northern hemisphere each are capable of altering weather patterns, and creating earthquakes, don’t be fooled by Extinction rebellion they serve and are the tool of only one master.


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