Brexit debate rumbles on! Lords a sleeping, Commons a fiddling. All the while we are scammed over climate and the New World Order

The whole Brexit debate has become such a waste of money, our money that it must now be criminal neglect of the Westminster bubbles fiduciary duty toward their tax payer.

How many hours have the Lords spent on this issue only to be able to offer guidance in an undemocratic way, which runs counter to their mandate. Oh! How those guys must regret the loss of Victorian times, how they must regret their peers in 1870 introducing free elementary school to the plebs, with the audacity to compound it in 1944 with free secondary schooling. What a burden us educated folk must be.

Why are our taxes wasted on the enormous man/woman hours spent debating a subject reaching a conclusion, one that contravenes democracy two is only advisory. Then we compound it with a vote in the commons reaching a similar conclusion that bypasses the government manifesto where it clearly states no deal is better than a bad deal. In any event their conclusions are irrelevant. One, because we have already left, two we needed to do nothing to leave ….. again on Oct 31st. Vast sums of money spent fighting EU elections and then these two opulent debating chambers fatuously or to use the Latin Fatuus descriptive term not worthy of such an eminent chamber but apt for its inhabitants.

Recently I have written a great deal about 5G, about the NWO.

I fear we are sleep walking into an abyss, yet all the signs are there for all to see. As I experienced my 4th major earthquake 7.1, the previous 7.5, in just one year, not difficult to see that the gods are angry, in a biblical sense. Extinction rebellion bring it on, but encourage your masters to deal with the population issue humanely and not through Ebola. Ebola is indiscriminate and unless you have a ranch in Patagonia you are for sure in line for the cull.

I will briefly come to technology’s. I’ve made much of 5G, 96mhz millimeter waves in previous articles. But there are other kids on the block.

Advances in technology ushers in a new era of improvement, comfort, medical advancement. But what if that technology can influence the weather, implant thoughts into ones mind through invisible waves. At this point below I fully expect the comments section to be rife with tin foil hat clams. This is not speculation this is very real and in use today. HAARP is the name given to this technology or if you are in Russia it is called Sura.

What is HAARP?

HAARP is: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The project was started in 1993 and is located north of Gakona, Alaska; Fairbanks, Alaska; and one in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Russia also has a similar facility in Vasilsursk, and the European Union has one in Tromso, Norway. Each with One hundred and Eighty antennas 70ft (ca. 21 m) tall linking into and forming one antenna.  Omitting 3.6 Million Watts of Energy, in perspective the largest legal transmission is a mere 50,000 Watts. With this power they can disable: missiles, satellites. More sinister they are able to heat the ionosphere therefore changing weather patterns cause droughts, monsoons, alter a jet stream and cause earthquakes. In the wrong hands are able to devastate a country’s ecology, destroy crops, cause water shortages and create earthquakes. If that is not enough they can then render a population impotent through subliminal thought implants, perhaps this is why remainers cannot see the benefit of Brexit!

A brief series on the History Channel called “That’s Impossible” featured an episode that dedicated some time to looking into such technology and concluded, “Working in tandem, these transmitters could potentially alter the weather anywhere in the world, changing the jet streams course entirely, triggering massive rain storms or droughts. Even hurricane steering would be possible by heating up the atmosphere and building up highly pressured domes that could deflect or change the course of hurricanes.”

History channell
Consider in the wrong hands NWO

Advances in science and technology are a double-edged sword, creating amazing communication abilities and life saving devices, but also creating powerful killing machines and nightmarish mind control devices capable of implanting thoughts into people’s minds through invisible radio waves. Such a claim may spark an image of a tin foil hat, but as you will soon learn, such technology is very real. In the New World Order, advanced technology is sometimes looked at with suspicion due to the capacity for abuse and the corrupt power -hungry elite and politicians who are in control of such technology. Chemtrails, weather modification, HAARP, Eugenics, secret, immoral, and medical testing and more, are often mentioned as proof of such abuse. Some of these subjects had been considered conspiracy theories by most people for decades, but have recently been the focus of headlines around the world admitting such technology exists and has been used in the past, or is currently being used today.

Mark Dice – New World Order, Facts and Fiction

The New World Order is real and it’s established. This may surprise you but its proponents are: The United States, Great Britain and Israel. Before you get excited we mere mortals do not figure in this for anything other than servitude.

“The New World Order is a more palatable name for the Anglo-American world empire. It’s the planetary domination of London, New York, and Washington over the rest of the world . It’s hard to get people to join that or think they have a part in it if you call it the Anglo-American world empire. If you call it the New World Order, then people in India or someplace like that, or the European Union, might think, well, there’s something in there for us too.”

Historian Webster Griffin Tarpley

HAARP in pictures




This song, titled The Temple of Syrinx, is sung from the perspective of the rulers of a fictional world where the elite leadership enjoy all the pleasures of life, while the masses of people live in servitude.

Has technology come too far. The Climate change argument (if it is not being manipulated) starts and stops at over population. A humane way must be found that, with the emphasis overtime it is reduced. Not through some bizarre, barbaric Ebola massacre.

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