The Brexit truth is there but do you want to see?

Their minds have changed but their plans have not.. Don’t be fooled. The UK is vulnerable.

Brexit: What follows here are my opinions which I have backed with relevant data and articles. The world is a scary place right now, the remainers should take heed from the events that have and are occurring.

I have written a great deal about Brexit, the supporting fundamentals as to why Brexit should happen. To remain or leave can be best described by the colloquial term “it is a no-brainer” for leave we must. Leave not just for our own well-being, but for the well-being of Europe.

Consider a Parliament that ignores Democracy, that listens to another Paymaster. Do you want 5G on your street corner!

Our well-being The United Kingdom

For many years we the UK has been picked apart, our industries decimated, our fishing grounds destroyed, our culture has all but disappeared. Today we fight each other, family member on family member, religion on religion, region on region. Why? Why is this and how did it happen? Is the prophecy of Enoch Powell on the verge of materializing.  We are yearning for our way of life, it need not be like this. Multicultural enclaves are fine but conflict is not. Harmony should be the goal so that we benefit from a richness in society. But harmony is not encouraged, instead resentment has been fostered. Positive discrimination favour of the immigrant at the cost of the indigenous encouraging conflict. Why is this? At the end of the day all will suffer, the day of Enoch Powell’s reckoning looms ever closer, yet it need not be this way. Who is driving this antagonism? Who benefits from a fragmented society, a society at war with one and another?

Are their aims to cause break down in society, usher in “a new and sinister style” form of governance, and authoritarian rule bringing order to the chaos they have created? If so who is driving this mayhem? Mayhem that exists not just within our shores?

What of Europe and the European Union.

I had the opportunity to ask a few Brexit questions of a 30-year old German chap as he and I were captive for some 40 minutes on a fast boat travelling between Nusapenida and Bali. He works for one of the blue chip consulting firms. I asked a simple question; why did Merkel allow 1M migrants to enter Germany, migrants that came from as far as Pakistan, knowing the answer already I wanted to hear it from him. The answer came Germany needs labour the factories are short of workers. This led me nicely to ask: Why did Germany not look to Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal, areas which have 40% plus unemployed under 25s. The answer surprised me, it could have almost been robotic. It was; those people don’t want to work it would be too difficult to motivate them. By now my face showed an incredulity, I asked surely that was an over generalisation and was he aware that I am talking about under 25s.  My wife nudge me, and told me to stop discussing politics possibly an opportune moment. However, this is the second German I have asked the same question and the answer is always the same.

In my experience Pakistan is thriving economically so for sure those that came do not want to work as work is plentiful in Pakistan. The Chinese will attest to, as they haved piled money and expertise into the Pakistan economy.

Brexit, are we seeing a change of heart?

Don’t be fooled, Brexit enlightenment has not just swept over the elites, they are being positioned to fight another day, they cannot and never can be trusted again.  Why do I say this? Because they are active members of the BILDERBERG’S, due to them we are now in a very dangerous place. All the time they are free to practice their dark arts, they wait for the Anti-Christ.

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He talks of the US but this could equally have been the UK

Bercow, Rudd, Clarke (Clarke who considers retirement), Grieves (his ego is planning his departure), May (stepping back from her underhanded intention to undermine the New PM by appointing a new Ambassador to the USA), suddenly, they are seeing what has been evident for some time Brexit is good for Britain! Only the treasonous poodle appears to harbour a faint hope of blocking a no deal Brexit and therefore Brexit itself, but then he has always been out of step. By the poodle I refer to John Major, the man who through treachery signed away our Sovereignty under the Maastricht treaty. The man who gave our taxes by the Billions to his paymaster.  The man whose strings are pulled by George Soros, so, it appears, let’s not kid ourselves.

Fema camps and Obama coffins stored in open fields by the Millions

Donald Trump alludes to the New World Order

How he, Donald Trump is one who stands on the way of their evil plans. All of these sounds far-fetched! But consider there are 800 Auswitzch style camps across the USA, each capable of dealing, some would say despatching collectively Millions of souls at a single time. Consider the membership of the NWO as it includes the Clintons, Obama’s, Merkel, Major, Macron, May, Adonis, Blair, Brown, Clarke, Carney, Lagarde  etc.

What the Bilderberg’s under Soros control; no President including Carter has taken the high office without sanction from the Bilderberg troupe. Trump has broken the mould, and he has done it just in time, the pieces were all in place.

Simple research will also show that no minister is considered for PM unless they are first vetted by the Bilderberg. My gut feel, my hope is that Boris Johnson has broken the trend, hence why the guns were out to destroy him as vociferously as they have been.

We may have won the Brexit battle for now, but we have not won the war.  The change of heart amongst the elite shows that they have now positioned themselves for the fall of the EU and the collapse of the dodgy Euro.  Look to the gold price $1,404 per ounce up from $1,200  a few short months ago.

Blair and Brown has ensured that the UK would, could not be a beneficiary as they sold all our gold! Perhaps to what appears their buddies, at a price 15% of today’s price.

Look to the Iranian situation, then look to the Bilderberg doctrine. War with Iran is the catalyst to start the attrition then to sweep in the New World Order. Their alternative plan was and still is to kick off a conflict with Russia, to set Russia ablaze. With that in mind you begin to see that the Skripals were perhaps dealt with through some sinister Bilderberg plot. I truly believe that Trump is standing on the way of their Satanic plans. As ISIS wrongly interprets their religion, so do they in search of the Anti-Christ scriptures, but they should bear in mind in the Bible, it failed.

We ladies and gentlemen have been complicit in our destruction whilst we argue amongst ourselves our country has been raped. Whilst we have been deflected through ideological squabbles our country has been destroyed. Brexiteers have indeed woken to this, perhaps for different reasons. Remainers still live in the world of “I”. Harsh as this may seem our destruction may still, yet come.

The Bilderberg distinguished list

Consider this; Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Queen Beatrix (Whose father was Prince Bernhard the Bilderberg poster child, identified as a Nazi sympathizer, and pathological liar). Our demise is 65 years in the making, still the remainers have tunnel vision. The Bilderberg origins may well have grown, evolved through some satanic Rockerfeller dream. But it’s origin are equally British, Denis Healey with his affectionate bushy eyebrows in an image like some trusty Uncle was a founder member and 30 years chairman.

We have been used and now we are very vulnerable we must wake up!

Climate and its affects on our Magnetic field.

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