Ode de Joy – associated with the death of so many is this our Bilderberg fate?

You cannot condone the activities displayed from Putin’s Russia, but you have to admire his patriotism! The events in Salisbury was beyond reprehensible and should not have taken place.

On a subject that most can agree on and that is his views on treason for he believes there is no worse crime than treason to the state. If we were to follow this belief then we would hold Ted Heath, John Major to book for both individuals signed away our sovereignty to the Bilderberg undemocratic EU. An EU whose anthem is that of the piece of music, Beethoven Symphony Nine most associated with the holocaust, perhaps played as the Jews went to the gas chambers as they recited a Hebrew prayer with Stentorian fervour, is there an irony here or is this yet another element to our conditioning under the New World Order! By all accounts a shocking period. Remainers read the Bilderberg doctrine!

EU’s enforced decline ushers in the NWO, Asia beckons!

Ode de Joy

The symphony has a long and chequered history: it has been a symbol of both dark and light. A favourite work of Hitler’s (he liked to hear it on birthdays), the Ninth was also used in Nazi propaganda films, and the closing choral section was performed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It was also chosen as the national anthem of the Republic of Rhodesia under the racist administration of Ian Smith. This darkness has been appropriated in film soundtracks: the symphony is associated with extreme violence in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and is a recurring motif representing Alan Rickman’s cultured villain Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

Guardian Newspaper

English Bill Of Rights

What is it about this document that cannot be repealled that is not clear for it clearly states: “In 1689 came the English bill of rights again throwing doubt on the legality of a foreign power holding dominion over the UK. Within this document it is clear: No foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, state nor potentate can rule over England. Click here

So on what basis did Ted Heath legitimise our membership, furthermore on what basis did the Bilderberg poodle sign us up to the Maastricht treaty? To quote Margaret Thatcher “Prime Minister John Major fought for the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. Margaret Thatcher actively opposed the Maastricht Treaty. She declared in a speech in the House of Lords that she “could never have signed that Treaty”. Be under no illusion as Big Jim Tucker once said to Margaret Thatcher at a drinks party “what’s it like to be toppled by the Bilderberg Ma’am” to which she replied it was “a great honour” indicating her disdain for politics of the Bilderberg of which Major and Lamont was one.

Make no mistake in my opinion the remainers along with the rest of us would be sold down the river if the Bilderberg doctrine came into play. Ask yourself as to the beliefs of those that have fought so hard to overturn the referendum result, Soros, Blair, Brown, Obama, Clinton, Macron, Merkel, Major, Carney, Adonis, Rudd, Cooper (Ed Balls) May, Clarke, Stewart, Hunt, etc. They all follow the same “One World” Doctrine. A dangerous play for supremacy! Consider in their hands can you trust an EU army along with active denial systems 5G, placed on every street corner. Good luck!

The evidence is there the growth is not in the EU, the Euro has destroyed hope, the EU will buckle and along with it so will the UK. But that is ok as that is their plan for then they can step in and take control, which they have almost achieved. It is no coincidence that we are treated to a diet of “Handmaid’s tale”, “I am Mother”. etc. this is known conditioning. Is this conspiracy or are the signs there?

This is a frightening agenda are they passive or are they active in our demise? Must listen too, caution it’s scary – Soros is after world control.

Bilderberg is at it again Does Soros make money off death?

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Part 1

The United kingdom’s Fate

  1. EU is not Democratic
  2. The names above are well known to be anti Brexit
  3. The names above are documented Bilderberg’s
  4. Their doctrine includes:
    • Destroy western economies USA, European States
    • Erode Sovereignty
    • Set religion upon religion
    • Dilute western culture through immigration
    • Favour the immigrant rights over the indigenous to create conflict.
    • Foster disention throughout regions, age and families.
  5. Fact: There are 800 Auswitzch style camps in place
  6. Fact: Obama ordered Millions of coffins.

Donald Trump and Brexit our Saviour believe in it!

Had it not been for Trump and Brexit then this plan would have advanced at alarming rate as all elements were in place. Consider the alternatives, if not for you then your children. A further referendum will see fraud the likes have never existed within the United Kingdom before, for sure the Brexit side has expanded.

I have one comfort and that is I am convinced our Military planners and strategists are aware as to the the EU plans and have planned accordingly.

The English Bill Of Rights has been breached! Treason has been exposed, sadly only Major can be bought to book.

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser.

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.
He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”.

As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.

Critics said the revelations showed a “conspiracy” within Government to impose mass immigration for “cynical” political reasons.

Mr Neather was a speech writer who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, in the early 2000s.

Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.
Part 2

The videos are a lot biblical, by god they make you think. Excuse the pun!

Like it or not the European Union will collapse and it will be soon!


So remainetrs do not expect a rosy future!


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