Remainers look to your leaders, look to their Doctrine! Then look to your Kids!

So much unemployed across the Mediteranean Countries does the European Union not care?

Remainers would have us believe that no deal is not in our best interests, perhaps they’re  correct. But commonsense, economics says; it’s not in the EU’s best interest to have no deal. So why will they not negotiate? We will leave with no deal because the EU will not give us a deal! WTO is not ‘no’ deal, it’s ‘not’ a choice. As, the US trades with the EU on WTO along with most of the world, there is no issue trading with this small in decline corner or part of the globe.

  • Ever wondered why the EU are so intransigent over this simple negotiation. A negotiation with a country that already complies with all the rules and regulations required as a good trading neighbour?
  • Ever wondered why Merkel opened the flood gates to immigrants from across the middle East through to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Particularly when there is 40% youth unemployed across Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal who are so close and so desperate?
The Remainers future is bleak

Magna Carta and The English Bill Of Rights

  • Ever wondered why our citizens are abused, our children groomed for sex?
  • How Hamburg sexual assault is a taboo subject to discuss?
  • How Centuries of Great British values have evolved swept aside as though they mean nothing at all?
  • Have you even noticed that the Magna Carta has been relegated to an historic footnote or that the English Bill Of Rights, that historic document that has served us well, a document that cannot be repealed has been… well… repealed?
  • Ever wondered why senior positions are not filled unless they the candidate is vetted by a sinister organisation?
  • Ever wondered why Obama ordered Disposable coffins by the Millions?
  • Or why there are 800+ Fema camps setup along the lines of Auschwitz?
  • Have you wondered why we are suddenly so fractious in fact hostile to one another?
  • Region upon region?
  • Religion on Religion?
  • Young against old?
  • Family member against family member?

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The answer lays in one word “Bilderberg”.

They do not care one jot about the economics of the EU or the USA, they care only to create authoritarian rule over the world, for now they have the Western hemisphere in their sights. Make no mistake Abe is also one.

Except Trump no American President has been elected unless the Bilderberg’s have sanctioned it. No Prime Minister has been elected unless the Bilderberg’s have sanctioned it. Johnson my guess will buck this system as did Trump.

Where does this place Putin? On the outside, for Russia is the most at risk from these despots intent on culling the population.

Consider the picture above and tell me you as a remainer still wish to be a part of this, this is no longer conspiracy theory this is fact, and they are hiding in plain sight. The data is there you just have to look. Obama was positioned to set up the end game, Clinton was there to close the old book, and open the New World Order.

Leak On Epic Proportions

I thought Obama had gone beyond the English history in the slave trade.

What is so astonishing as this is happening under our very noses, and so few people can see it! It’s so fantastical to be unbelievable. It would be like suggesting the moon is the same size as Australia, ridiculous, but it’s true the moon would sit on Australia. The Bilderberg’s have spent 65 years building a new world order, and it is ready to be implemented. Eight hundred plus Fema camps modeled on Auschwitz, prior to the 1930s the Jewish race thought it would never happen!

It’ll be quick everything is in place.

So be a remainer by all means but ask yourself why is the vitriol amongst us so potent?

Why have immigrants from so far away as Pakistan flooded our country, Particularly as Pakistan is doing pretty darn well? Shopping centres not dissimilar to ours in the UK are in abundance, Body shop, H&M, Marks & Spencer’s they are all there!

Consider, where did the Yazidis go?

Remainers look to your leaders, look to their doctrine then look at your kids!


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