Mummy Mummy Boris has a girl friend, Mummy Mummy Boris swore, Mummy Mummy he won’t let me win.

Are we there yet? Boris Johnson just install him as the PM… Please.

Really do we have to endure another four weeks of this childish, boorish behaviour. Such behaviour is perhaps slightly acceptable if it’s an isolated occurrence, but we’ve had three tedious years of this. Please tie a yellow ribbon around the gates of Westminster and welcome Boris home put an end to this nonsense. The only thing impressive about Westminster is the building. At what point did our MPs become oblivious to their electorates needs? Worse at what point did they regress to squabbling children throwing tantrums in the playground.

They behave like bully boys and girls, demanding our vote, and then running rough shod over our views. I am tired of the phrase “What the people want to hear,” it’s what we want you to hear that’s important.

We do not want a second referendum just So, you can abuse the postal votes and manipulate a win. We want you to implement the referendum result. We want to put Britain back on course for a successful future, we want to stop the EU incentivizing our business to leave our shores, destroying our industries. In short, we want an end to this Bilderberg nonsense.

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It is shocking the behaviour of what was once the bastion of democracy, how it has been exposed as nothing more than a sham, a sham parliament whose strings are pulled by foreign powers with deep pockets. Powers that have dubious intentions highlighted as creating chaos, diluting and disadvantaging indigenous population, for what. So, we cry out for stable leadership an authoritarian rule in the guise of the one world advocates, George Soros and Bilderberg bankers have Utopian control.  You have been rumbled Mr Soros and my guess not just by the leavers as many remainers have spotted your games.

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Let’s not talk of the English Bill Of Rights as that has Heath, Major Down For Treason

EUROPEAN UNION a dictatorship who cares not at all for its people?

The EU needs to step up to the plate it needs to embrace democracy and above all pay some attention to the economics, particularly across the Mediterranean countries for their desperation is there for all to see and it’s shameful. For 65 years the Bilderberg’s have had their fun but now it must stop.

Let Boris have his time fix the issue that has polarized the nation because you will not have your 5G life denial millimeter wave systems installed in time to prevent the anarchy that will prevail. Best let him take us out, for the sake of Europe let him take us out. Then perhaps Europe has a fighting chance to remove the Bilderberg Parliament and create a true trading block with shared values of which we will be a member.

Carney, Osborne, Abe Bilderberg’s can you trust their words their version of project fear?

Abe for sure it is, Do as I am told to tell you to do not as I do. For sure this does not make sense but think about the meaning. Carney and Osborne was right we would descend to that of a banana republic, but not for the reasons they explained foreign direct investment would disappear which of course did not happen in fact it so good we are best in class a testament to the great British bulldog spirit. No, it was our politics that had taken us to the depths of despair of which Mr. Hunt you are a part, with your petty expenses, your hidden treasures in Southampton funded by no doubt a Bilderberg elite.

Your role within the NHS has served your masters well, furthering the cause of dismantling all that we hold dear.

Today we have Japan interfering in our sovereignty let’s take a moment for here the common denominator in which this sits again is Soros for he controls Abe, like Carney, they have their strings pulled by that sinister organization that meets annually, this year in fact it was this month in Montreux.

What kind of society sends our boys into war and then prosecutes them for doing your bidding whilst granting amnesty to our enemies and killers of our families. What kind of societies have we become where we allow housing areas for certain religious sects actually providing a backdrop for conflict. We must all step back from this as we are playing their game family member on family member, religious group against religious group, North against South, colour against colour, old against young.

How long will it be before last night at the proms will not be able to play out with rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves!

Yanni an excellent composer has sound words for us all. “We need to get along”

I have many, many loyal friends who are Muslim, my wife was Hindu, I respect Sikhs, I’ve worked in China and I can assure you they are more aware of Boris than they are Hunt. I am happy within my skin, and I am English. I can assure you I am not racist nor am I Xenophobic. This planet has all sorts and a great deal of all sorts, in the words of the composer Yanni we must all learn to live together. But I fear that is not the intention for us from the 140 under Soros doctrine.


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