Boris Johnson a Human with Human Emotions.

Thank God For this, the man is like the rest of us! My hope is he will care for the rest of us. But, can he set us free from behind the iron flag. If you want a robot a Bilderberg puppet to Ken Clarke and Amber Rudd et al., then select Hunt, we’ll still be part of the iron flag, for sure you’ll make it as a serf.

Boris and his civil liberties

Bilderberg’s can keep SERFDOM

Another ridiculous weekend. Anti social behaviour and I don’t mean Boris but his neighbour who wants to be left alone and not have his life turned upside down, by all this unnatural publicity. He who records a fracas in the privacy of another’s home now wants to be left in peace to enjoy the spoils of his deeds. There is a saying Mr (sorry don’t know you and you’re not worth the effort to look it up) you show me a couple who have not had a spirited conversation from time to time and I’ll show you a liar. It’s called life in a relationship Mr nobody.

For the media to be jumping on this just adds to the already vibrant debate as to the biased behaviour of the Bilderberg media.

Jeremy Hunt is he a Bilderberg puppet?

Mr. Hunt do we want a human in no10 or are we to have a puppet made up of artificial intelligence. Please the electorate is sick and tired of obfuscation, we are sick and tired of being saddled with trivia whilst you avoid the bigger issues, look around you Mr. Hunt, the country is on its emotional knees, families are torn apart, religion on religion, corruption is rife, what’s going on in Southampton with your seven apartments? You want to talk about a domestic squabble in the privacy of one’s home. Mr. Hunt I can tell you now your wife would have been more than a little myth’ when you referred she was Chinese when indeed she is Japanese or is it the other way around. Either way your host would have been insulted in an area of great sensitivity.

Is this now part of the new world order that we have to lay bare our domestic squabbles for you all to see, if so let me start. My wife is a dog lover and yesterday, she rescued her 8th, I can tell you we had a spirited conversation on that subject, do you need to know the type of dog that it is or can I leave it there?

John Major and Edwina Currie – remember the egg lady?

Mr. Hunt do you think John Major’s wife smiled sweetly washed the dishes subserviently whilst her husband was in and out of bed with Edwina, the egg lady. Remember the headline “Hot Currie

Stop this nonsense and focus on the job. The country is crying out for leadership not a Bilderberg puppet. Let Boris take the job fix the issue that has polarized the nation, your games with the guidance of Amber Rudd will only cause further deselection. At least with Boris you have a fighting chance at survival.

Consider this Mr. Hunt Margaret Thatcher whilst a Bilderberg she had a conscience she tried to end this creep to subservience where do you stand Mr. Hunt? That is the issue not some private tiff between two people in their own home. The guy who recorded it should be prosecuted for wasting police time, making and profiting from an illegal recording.

Independent strong nation or Serfdom

As Big Jim Tucker once said “What was it like to be toppled by the Bilderberg ma’am?” when he sidled up to Mrs T at a private function, to which she replied “A great honour to be kicked out of office by the Bilderberg’s” showing her disdain for the Bilderberg’s for everyone to see. I guess if John Major was known as the Bilderberg poodle that would make you the Bilderberg Shih Tzu.

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The UK over the years have lost many millions of soldiers fighting for our freedom. You guys dishonour those sacrifices by ignoring their descendants liberties, the Great British folk, for what? Some lifetime role on the board of a Bilderberg blue chip co. A role you will never be needed to turn up for, Is this it? Was this what Mrs May was promised? Why she stuck around so stubbornly and divisively?

Our eyes are wide open now we know what you have in plan we know the evil methods with which you will achieve it, installing 5G within 100yds of every home. But, while Trump’s in office it’s not going to happen, which means you will have to fight another election and you will lose.

Mr Ken Clarke Commander in Chief of the UK Bilderberg division?

Mr. Clarke can dream all he likes that Westminster will be a mere council chamber of Europe, I doubt it will happen in his lifetime.

The country was a stable dynamic progressive country, it was innovative a truly great country, and it can be again. Do you ever wonder why Foreign Direct Investment has flooded to the UK, it is simple the Bilderberg EU have destroyed growth, destroyed opportunity, flooded their members with immigrants. Why? To create chaos at the expense of the indigenous following which we will beg for a strong government, a Bilderberg leadership capable to restore order with the AI armies and 5G life denial services an age of subservience.

I wish you luck, you can take our money but you can’t take our spirit!


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