Brexiteer vs Remainer! Stop the Rhetoric.

Stop playing their game, we need to come together, don’t you see they want us against each other that’s their plan. This is no longer about Brexit this is about us, it’s about democracy! It’s about whether we have meaning or are we just serfs!

Be under no illusion Hunt is underpinned by the Bilderberg’s supported by Amber Rudd. This is so, so scary, Boris vs Hunt. Two amiable guys one, a brexiteer the other a remainer.  Both appear to be nice guys, ideal candidates that your grandmother would like. One of the candidates the press is doing its best to rubbish. Identify the candidate as a buffoon, a racist, the term of last resort.  The other well just nothing really, he is just there with a cheesy grin, clearly not racist as his wife is from China or is it Japan. Ironically if you ask a man or women on the street in Beijing who Boris is they will be able to tell you and they will tell you with affection what a great guy he is. I know this as I worked in Beijing around the closing of the Olympics. Kwasi Kwarteng an ardent defender and supporter of Boris, in case anyone who had missed it he is a man of some colour, yet still the term racist has become synonymous with Corn Flakes or Marmite.

Freedom is not the Bilderberg way. Freedom is Brexit!

Let’s step back a touch, the Bilderberg’s are playing a canny game here. Rory Stewart a man to deflect attention an arch remainer, Bilderberg prodigy. They, the cult, dipped their toe in the water whilst all the time sneaking a second candidate into the race. It hadn’t completely missed my attention that Hunt could be a plant to stop Boris, thus stop Brexit. The man has the endorsement of Amber Rudd and has had since day one. I’m not going to predict the outcome here because I believe in a greater player getting involved.

However, not wishing to be alarmists as the Bilderberg’s have taken one knock in the US, had it not been for Trump they would have succeeded long may he reign and retain his energy. Almost a lone figure fighting a satanic cult. I have likened our future to that of handmaids tale, a story in the making.

Consider this as a headline: What Do Crowd Control, Burning Skin, Your Street Corner, and Superbugs Have in Common? Answer 5G.

Shocking headline is it not? Consider this: Why is the government pushing, railroading local authorities to install 5G systems in your neighbourhood.

5G technology will make wireless networks capable of more data streaming at faster speeds because it uses a broader frequency spectrum, as explained here. Whereas current 4G networks use up to Six GHz, 5G will use frequencies between 24 GHz and 100 GHz, known as millimeter-wave frequencies.

FEMA’s Blueprint for Martial Law in America. Here alone there are half a Million multi person coffins? There are 800 of these sites in the US alone.

This means that the dozens of small cell towers that will be installed in your neighborhood will be emanating millimeter waves.

Active Denial Systems in the event of unrest

If that doesn’t sound scary, consider this. The Department of Defense has developed a non-lethal crowd control device called the Active Denial System (ADS). The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target—that is, millimeter wavelengths. Anyone caught in the beam will feel like their skin is burning. The burning sensation stops once the target leaves the beam.

There’s more. Research from a team of Israeli physicists has found that there are new problems to consider with exposure to millimeter waves. When the wavelength of the energy approaches the dimensions of our biological structures, i.e. our skin and sweat ducts, previous assumptions about the safety of energy radiation are no longer valid.

Brilliant Movie, more conditioning

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The research shows that, with millimeter waves, our sweat ducts actually act like little antennas, which means we would absorb more of this energy into our bodies. Other research has demonstrated that short-term exposure to low-intensity millimeter waves affects human cell membranes and could even result in the proliferation of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

So, you see install a Bilderberg, remain in the EU and consider your children’s future seriously. Pretty girls can wear red capes, and a form of white hijab.

Your children’s future is in your hands

As I said yesterday we are playing their game, we are as a population wound up tighter than an over wound clock spring. We are encouraged to fight against each other, to fight our religious beliefs, our kin, our neighbour. Don’t you get it this is where they want us. They don’t sit on their hands for nothing and allow knife crime to soar. Refuse to enact the will of the people fearing their own jobs no they serve what they believe to be a greater being.

Harmony between Brexiteers and Remainers, stop playing their game

Wake up, and stop playing their game get along with your neighbour, work for a better future, support Farage, Salvini, Orban, Trump and even Geert. Geert Wielders have the greatest challenge the Bilderberg’s founding poster boy was Prince Bernard listed on Google as a pathological liar, and Nazi sympathizer, Rutt too is a Bilderberg.

I have no desire to be a conspiracy theorist, as I’ve said in earlier notes my journey started on Fundamentals. Fundamentals so compelling I couldn’t see why our politicians were throwing their careers. The road to understand took a dark turn when you bring the common denominator into play, for it is 140 or so individuals who own our politicians, Europe’s, Japan’s, US and most probably, for sure many others.


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