Has The Bilderberg Plan Been Stopped Or Is This Just A Hiccup?

The relief that has come from the demise of Rory Stewart candidacy is to me quite alarming. This was a race run by good and evil. Be under no illusion the world has thwarted a Bilderberg takeover with all the implications that came along that rotten road.

Sure there were five candidates, but only one that represented the cult. Have you asked, where did he come from this relatively unknown MP? This person who makes statistics up, his army career, Afghanistan albeit as a government clerk. Came from obscurity, represented and promoted by the boss of the Conservatives, supported by May.

The Bilderberg hotel in Holland needs to be renamed, business could die.

His sole task was to thwart Brexit, as was Theresa May’s, Amber Rudd, and all the other one world government cult figures. Be under no illusion their task has met with an opposing force, perhaps they live to fight another day, but they are well, and truly out in the open now.

Boris Johnson and a Nigel Farage Pact then call an election!

First we must have Boris re-establish the conservative party, not seen since Margaret Thatcher. Expunge all the Bilderberg’s from both sides of the house. The period we have been, are still going through was surreal to say the least, some would say the astral plane had broken the surface dictating the celestial world. For me it’s individuals and their royal patronage of which Charles and our Grand old Duke of Edinburgh are members, but by far not the most sinister, individuals with too much money, and too much time which they have used satanically.

Are you comfortable that our MP’s represent us?

Before you laugh at my hypothesis, first explain why our MP’s are so against representing their electorate? It’s simple this plan had reached a pinnacle, Hilary Clinton was prepared to bring the finality, the climax to the plan. Trump’s arrival is more than fortuitous his energy incredible for a 70+ year-old man, he could almost a character from the prequel from the ‘Book of Eli.

This must be stopped not the Bilderberg takeover, I believe that has been dealt a severe blow but you cannot at this stage count them out, the charade, the games the Machiavellian manipulations which are forcing us to go against each other. Brexiteers against remainers, religion on religion, old vs young, English vs Scots, immigrants vs indigenous. Government policies that are design to eliminate the middle classes, policy that harm the indigenous and favour the immigrant. In other words the Bilderberg policies must be dismantled!

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Free Speech must be restored, the media are instigating division.

The Bilderberg media endorsed, funded must be pulled apart, broken up for they to have played their role in duping the great British public whilst ignoring the plight of the EU citizens thrown from their jobs in the name of ideology.

The future that still could be

I am maybe getting a little ahead of events, perhaps the euphoria of Bilderberg Stewart’s elimination has given me cause for celebrating, perhaps too soon. The events that follow will be a true indication whether our survival is intact. For sure Trump’s arrival was a blessing not to be sniffed at, Brexit is another step in the dismantling of the serfs and elite mentality. Sure the world population is too large, but Mr & Mrs Bilderberg there are other ways to reduce it than to shoehorn billions of people into Fema camps with their attached gas chambers and body bags to the ready……. Pause for thought.

The UK must, must build on this, form a pact with the Brexit party, implement Brexit. Take comfort remainers this episode may well have saved your lives and restored hope to the lives of your kids. As Europe awakes as we are seeing more than a true trading Europe may well emerge much like that in the Asia region, where adults gather and help each other to huge advantage and success.

It’s time to heal 65 years is enough

Stop this infighting amongst ourselves we are what we now are, rise stop being a pawn in someone else’s game. Get along together for the sake of humanity.

In truth when you dive inside of this, and I am sure autopsy will be done. Treason has been committed, John Major along with perhaps our dear Queen, but let’s leave her out of this, for she has been a pawn as much as we. The English Bill Of Rights is clear: In 1689 came an English bill of rights again throwing doubt on the legality of a foreign power holding dominion over the UK. Within this document it is clear: No foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, state nor potentate can rule over England. This raises the question was our membership even legal?

Mr Tusk your Hell has hit an obstacle, in addition your own taxes are exposed, those that throw stones should not live in glass houses. In truth the hell is in your domain.

Heal we must this has been a 65 year war of attrition!

Gorbachev view. Even Canada will not be free

Consider this can we trust what has been said? Is it time for North America, UK, Russia to form an alliance? Include like minded states such as Italy, Hungary etc. Let’s fix this manmade mess that the Bilderberg’s have willingly created.


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