Prime Minister Beauty Contest

Amusing if it wasn’t so serious

Oh, my! Can’t you see it? Raab is out so now it’s a straight race between four remainers, Gove is not true to his word, and one Brexiteer. Democracy is a wonderful dream. I predicted Friday of Rory Stewart’s ascension, within my circle of friends I became the subject of much humour. They’re not laughing so much now he is second favourite.

Rory Stewart a Bilderberg

Whilst I laughed with them, should he win I will draw no satisfaction, for he is a member of a group that we all need to be concerned by. This is no longer Brexit vs remain, large versus small, little Englanders versus Europeans. This is good versus evil!  Oh men in white coats again. It doesn’t matter one iota that the fundamentals point to the devastation of the UK industry, it doesn’t matter one iota that the Mediterranean countries have been strangled by the Euro. It matters not one jot that we are pitched against each other, remainers vs Brexiteers, old v versus young, Scots versus English, indigenous versus migrants, religion against religion. None of this matters as long as the government can prolong chaos.  Thus satisfying their masters, their Bilderberg masters of which there are 140 rich and powerful who meet annually, for it is they who decides who the leaders of the free world will be.

Serf’s – 3 traps 4 wrong selections, elites just 1 wrong answer.

Conservative’s Democracy is non existent, but labour is worse!

Read the comments to the posts:

  • If he’s elected I will never vote Tory again.
  • If he delays just one day that will be the end of the Tories.
  • Why don’t they deselect now?
  • There’ll be deselected at the next election.
  • Why does Yvette Cooper block leaving when her constituency voted to leave by 64%?
  • Hammond, Grieves, Sourby the same.
  • Who is Rory Stewart?

All of these questions as though somehow we have control. I am sorry to inform you unless you are a member of the devils’ cult, you do not become leader of the free world. Yvette Cooper just a useful idiot as they say, but Ed Balls, her husband is a Bilderberg.

To this day, despite the more than visible signs and obvious behaviours, the electorate still believe they are in control. I hope they come out of their stupor before it is too late and handmaid tale is a reality. There’s a movie out there called I’m Mother, some would argue we’re being softened up. Mr Clegg, the BBC, Washington Post they’re all in place. Trump threw a spanner in their works, now we must!

Before you label me as wacky, look around read the articles on line coz they are hiding in plain sight.

Donald Trump some would say his energy has come from the gods. A welcome spanner in the works he sure is.

Trump has bucked this trend, for I can tell you had he not been elected the fate of the west would have taken a different twist, the foundations were in place to decimate western culture, western economies.

Wake up, for god’s sake, wake up. Obama a Bilderberg, Merkel a Bilderberg, Macron a Bilderberg, Amber Rudd if they get their way soon to be PM after Rory Stewart both a Bilderberg, Blair referred to by Daniel Estulin as someone who personifies evil, a Bilderberg. Margaret Thatcher a Bilderberg, fortunately for us she had consciously gone against the doctrine, replaced soon after by the Bilderberg poodle, 1st task to give away our sovereignty under the Lisbon treaty. Margaret Thatcher said no, no, no, he said yes, yes, yes! It doesn’t matter who the PM of UK is, the true leader is Ken Clarke, he pulls the conservative strings. 

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Bilderberg’s and their plans , have they come from the devil?

Look to the US, Carter a Bilderberg at the meetings one year later the President of the United States. Bush’s followed a different doctrine although closely aligned, theirs was the Illuminati borne from both Yale and the 33rd degree. Blair spans both he is a Bilderberg and a 33rd degree master member. Clinton a fervent Bilderberg.

Have you wondered why all the benefits are skewed toward immigrants, marginalizing the indigenous populations read the Bilderberg philosophy all will be clear. For chaos is their goal, take over is their intention, their other plans are too sinister to contemplate, but I encourage remainers to get onto that page and do it soon. Had it not been for Trump, Obama had laid the final stones for Hilary to implement the ultimate atrocity.  Trump the spanner in the works. A pastor friend of mine seriously believes a greater being has stepped in and given Trump the energy to fight an unprecedented level of absurdity. Trump’s arrival at that time was more than fortuitous.

We protest but you need to wake up these are the good guys

We have Trump, we have Farage but let’s not forget Le Pen, Salvini and Viktor Orban. Hopefully Boris and Rees-Mogg can soon be on the right side of this.

History will show this was our apocalyptic moment. 

Let me leave you on another thought and perhaps this will provide hope. In 1998, I was caught in a city that was in the midst of a coup, a revolution to overthrow a dictator. I was fortunate to be able to make it to the airport, which was necessary as I needed to go to London the following day. On arrival, I was met by the MOD who asked if someone could come to my hotel and meet with me. That person came, he was from Hereford. In the discussion it came around to Germany, he was clear, bear in mind this was twenty years ago the MOD had plans in place for when Germany, I assume under the guise of the EU, kicks off again!

Spare a thought whilst David Rockerfeller founded the Bilderberg’s he was but one of a few of the founders, it is reported Denis Healey is another, one name may surprise Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, a man whose Google profile refers as a pathological liar and fervent nazi. Take comfort perhaps this madness will soon end.

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