Remainers and Brexiteers are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Brexit Predictions, You have been warned! (Posted 14th June)

Do you now see where this is going? The Daily Telegraph has reported in today’s newspaper 17th June: From the debate last evening, Rory Stewart the clear winner. This is the Diane Abbott of the Conservative party. He has come from nowhere, escaped the cull of the three. Why? Because he has the support of the Bilderberg’s, from Ken Clarke, John Major, along with the Bilderberg press barons. Rory Stewart may well be covered in Myrrh.

Everywhere we are being pitched against each other.

When I started this journey the fundamentals were compelling, Brexit made sense. It was only when I question the motives of eminent individuals, such as Carney, Cameron, Osborne, Blair, Adonis and of course Soros then you see a more sinister twist. Now I am on a road that I wished I had not seen, it is depressing to say the least. My rose-tinted view of the world shattered forever.

I hope, seriously hope I am wrong, I really do. But if I am and Boris wins, which I hope he does, but I fear it will be a short difficult journey for Boris Johnson. Until the peoples of Europe wake up, this new world order plan is unstoppable.

Look to the world at this point: America against Iran, American democrats are more vociferous against republicans. It’s like something from the movie the Purge we have to have an enemy. The EU against the Mediterranean countries particularly the young. Brexit, remainers pitched against the Brexiteers (ever wondered why those in power on this subject will not close it out). Muslims pitched against Christians.

Why is this? It to me is quite clear, it is where those known in Jon Ronson’s book as “Them” it’s where they want us to be. And, we are dutifully playing along.

There is so much in the open it’s amazing we haven’t seen it. Agenda 21 is a UN plan to remove democracy, under the guise of climate change.

I’m in my twilight it perhaps doesn’t matter so much to me, but I would sure as hell be concerned if I were younger. Let me put something else out there. Mr Corbyn a dangerous man whom I detest. He is deluded, for he is in a world of fantasies oblivious to its working, through own stupidity he is furthering the Bilderberg cause. Yet strangely for the 1st time, I found myself agreeing with him over the straits of Hormuz incident. I to do not believe Iran planted a limpet mine alongside the Japanese tanker. Initially it was a suspicion for me that they had not done this, but then came the crew report that the missile was airborne.

  1. New PM will be installed albeit as an interim his name, Rory Stewart.
    • Rory Stewart will revoke article 50, Brexit will be over!
      • His tenure will soon be untenable, by now the mood is ugly.
    • Severe anger will sweep the nation most of which he will be oblivious to, but he will eventually succumb as the new plan takes form, at which time he will resign, but only when 3 and 4 are in place.
    • Then stage II of the Bilderberg plan will come together.
  2. Amber Rudd will become the new Leader and all talk of Brexit will end.
    • It is uncanny how many future leaders attend the Bilderberg meetings a short time before they are elevated to the top position. Blair one year before, Clinton one year before. Major (The Bilderberg poodle). Amber Rudd 2018 attendee.
  3. The EU army will gather pace
  4. The EU gendarmerie will be established
    • Habeas Corpus has been expunged and replaced by Corpus Juris.
      • What does that mean? Right to trial by jury now gone.
      • Innocent until proven guilty gone.
      • Arrest can take place, you can be transported anywhere in the EU without being charged.
    • Magna Carta gone!
    • English Bill Of Rights gone!
  5. Censorship, Nick Clegg is in place within FB & Instagram
  6. BBC and other networks will be the propaganda machine for the EU.
    • We’ll be further conditioned through the media, with such programming as handmaids tale, Kingsman, Spectre etc.
  7. Royal Family slimmed down, Charles would be the de-facto head of state on the death of the queen.
    • The Remainers had better be prepared because it is down to them why their lives and their children’s lives will be one of servitude.

Had Trump not emerged when he did, the political elite had America on its knees. Obama did more to accelerate the Bilderberg program than any other President.

Unless there is a realization across Europe, Brexit will be nothing more than a flea bite to the great plan. But, now we have Salvini, Le Pen, Farage, key to all of this has been Viktor Orban.

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But how entrenched are the Bilderberg’s in our society, are these the dark forces the Queen referred to, in her discussion with Princess Diana?

Friday we had the torpedo striking a tanker in the straits of Hormuz. Who really did it?

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Brexit! No Brexit Party, No Brexit! Brexit Party

Referred in Jon Ronsons book – as I write this, in mid-October 2001 – I reference David Icke who in 1998 referred and has become something of a monument to the words, “I Told You So.” He quotes his own writings from 1998: With fear as the reptilians’ greatest weapon, the plan is to engineer events, real and staged, that will create enormous fear. This includes a plan to start a third world war either by stimulating the Muslim world into a ‘holy war’ against the West or by using the Chinese to cause global conflict. Maybe both.

Jon Ronson author of Them

Fundamentally compelling


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