Brexiteers and Remainers are on the same side.

They just need to get on the same page, for their own security and safety.

Two days ago I wrote an article, which can only be considered as off the wall and wacky, even as I wrote it, I felt the men in white coats should knock at my door and cart me off to some institution, for rehabilitation.

Why so? Because, I predicted that Rory Stewart will win this round, still I hope to god he doesn’t, not because he will cancel Brexit, but, why he will cancel it.  Here’s where the men in white coats will rev their engine planning their route to my door.

Margaret Thatcher had the courage. At a guess, May planned for her reward.

Today we have Theresa May joining ranks with Rudd and Hammond, to thwart Brexit, she is throwing her weight behind Stewart. Why? Why? She of all people should know the mood of the country, it is dire. It seems to me the only time she needs the country is when she is pouring out grief for her public humiliation on the steps of number 10. Do not shed a tear for this woman, she is not what she seems. My guess her cozy role on a Bilderberg blue chip board will no longer be available as she failed to thwart Brexit. She will remain to take vengeance from back benches, There is no loyalty to her country in her bones. Margaret Thatcher had the courage and consciences to stand up to these guys. 

  1. Fundamentals: As I’ve written before, I have read report after report, and the evidence based on “Fundamentals” alone leave is compelling,  it is of paramount importance that we leave.
  2. Economic balance: Here to the evidence is compelling we are on a slippery slope, all financial reports show the UK lagging in the government investment in the manufacturing sector half that of the world average and half of Germany. They expressly show that it is unhealthy.
  3. (I find it difficult to mention my reason because to me it is obvious, but to bizarre for words from a sane individual). The electorate is not pulling the strings of the UK future. We the electorate has been passive watchers as dark forces have orchestrated our force demise. We, the UK, humanity are at war, and we have been at war since 1953.

This is not a religious divide, we are pawns that are playing the game the way it is intended. Sadly we are playing it well, but the game is coming to an end. The climax has been accelerated due to Brexit and populism movement.

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Donald Trump the unplanned Saviour

Donald Trump is correct when he refers to stock market crash the likes you have never seen before if he is not re-elected. For America, perhaps accidently woke up to the damage that had been done to corporate America, and he has reversed, albeit temporarily. It will take much more to stop it.

So who is doing this, look to my recent articles. Why are they doing it, through some ideological desire to bring together a one world government. How will they do this? By destroying our economies, creating chaos in all sectors, with the finale being a catalcalysmic war. Be under no illusion they plan to set Russia alight. They are fully prepared for the death toll that will wreak on humanity, if the death toll is not significant then they have the Fema camps 260 of them.

No More Middle Class For Sure

Big Jim Tucker and the Bilderberg diary!

Jim Tucker spent 25 years writing this exposé of the dark forces, it is through him that we today are able to view the deviant activities of the few, their plans exposed. But consider this Jim died 2013 at age 78 due to a fall. His life’s work was passed to Mr Alex Jones. Shortly after his servers were filled with Child pornography. So outlandish no action has been taken only that he has offered $1M reward to identify the source.

We can see but do we want to look? If we open our eyes this is the catalyst to bring the country together. If we remain asleep Theresa May, Amber Rudd, Hammond, Clarke, Adonis, Tugendhat, Osborne, Carney, Brown, Blair they will all be fine, they will be rewarded in the hell that they have helped to create.


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