Brexit Dark Past Remain Has A Dark Future.

Are the Remainers aware of just how much the UK has lost since our membership in 1973. How much industry has just gone, how our fishing has been devastated. As, I write this I can hear shouts of little Englander. For me not to see this then the little Englander sits firmly on the Remainers shoulders. Why do I say this simple this is not a UK story, this is a Greek tragedy, Spanish issue then look further afield, what does Australia make these days? What about America? If, you are brave enough then continue to read….


When, I first started to write about Brexit nearly a year ago, I never realized what a path it takes me on. To me Brexit is a route the UK had to take to regain control of immigration enable us to re-build our industries and generally feel good about ourselves once again. That was three years ago.  I will confess I did not vote either way, and the reason for this is simple I live in Indonesia and have done since 2011. My association with Indonesia has been a long and pleasant journey having first come here in 1985. In a business capacity since 1995. As, a country it is beautiful as an opportunity it is even better, it has a rich history, it’s politics well we can only dream of in the West. There is an excellent parliamentary team, this country I can say is going places. However, I digress if only to explain my rational for not voting.

Elite and their Slaves, No room for middle class

Brexit Bright Future

It goes without saying that I as many other rational learned individuals believe we have a fantastic opportunity to expand, regain our heritage and our position once we have left the failing project.

However, to come back to why I started and what I’ve realized during this journey of enlightenment is the following:

  1. It pains me to see the project fear and the lies around this, how they were construed to just scare the public to go in a direction that individuals required. More on this in a moment.
  2. The resistance to follow through with the people’s vote
  3. The blatant disregard for the facts in order to rubbish the result, again more on this.
  4. The labels have been levied against the leavers are far from the truth.
  5. Here is the sinister bit, I never realised the extent of dark forces that exist not just within the EU project, but in General . I have to confess I had not been aware of the Bilderberg’s until this process. The name Bilderberg grew out of the Holland resort hotel where the first meeting took place back in 1953.
  6. Equally scary is this path has taken me on a journey that always ends with Soros, Blair, Clinton, Rudd, Stewart, Ed Balls, Clarke, Adonis, Obama plus many other names and the one world government.
  7. Bizarrely, this journey has taken me a place I never imagined it would and that is to David Icke yes David Icke. This is a point where I will lose many readers. For sure it would lose me at this point. But humour me.

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The Bilderberg Dark Forces

A little background here: The Bilderberg’s were founded by Rockefeller, Joseph Retinger, Sir Colin Gubbins. Rockefeller is a man who lived to 101, having had Seven hearts transplanted. His poster child was Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, who on a cursory Google search is a man that is a pathological liar, Nazi sympathizer which makes for an unholy alliance to say the least. But, there you have it, of course Soros has become the face of the great plan.

What is the great plan: To create three pillars under a one world government. How do they intend to do this? By diluting western culture destroying western economies and engineering a cataclysmic event. They set out to influence our politics recruit willing foot soldiers of which Blair was one but by far not the only one. Their roots grew with the EU project, their plan to form an ideological conglomerate that has no care for the inhabitants. To dilute the culture through mass immigration by directing their foot soldiers Merkel, Blair, Major, Cameron supported by their loyal troops such as Adonis, Rudd, Clarke etc.

As point to notes have you ever considered Margaret Thatcher’s speech No, No, No when pushed on passing sovereignty to Europe. Shortly after she fell Major was installed who signed us up to the Lisbon treaty forfeiting our sovereignty. He went on further to attempt to sign away the pound and therefore, the economy.

No No No. Then came Major Yes Yes Yes

Google For The Harsh Realities

If you doubt any of this just Google any subject, you will find references to Major as the Bilderberg poodle. You will find damning info on Blair both on a search and on YouTube, you will find meeting attendees, just last year with Amber Rudd.

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The Motivation Behind Project Fear

OK let’s look at the points.

  1. Project fear, Osborne, Carney, Cameron, Blair, Obama plus others are Bilderberg’s the facts to their claims had no relevance only to ensure we maintained the ideological path.
  2. Those protagonists that followed they to are Bilderberg’s Clarke, Adonis, Clegg (Clegg is in FB for a reason), Macron, Merkel etc. Of course Stewart has attended the meeting and is backed by the Bilderberg hierarchy for PM.
  3. The facts speak for themselves 500k more unemployed by December 2016, reality best employment. Foreign investment would dry up plunging us to a banana republic, reality we have had trillions flow into the economy including from European enterprises. Punishment budgets, etc…
  4. To a person who has seen the dangerous dilution of our economy causing desperate deficits that will ultimately cause us to collapse. To see the plight of the young across the Mediterranean. Of course the flood gates thrown open to the whole of Africa, Middle East and Pakistan in search of so called cheap labour when you have 40% unemployed in Greece, Italy, Spain etc. For us to then be called Xenophobic, racists, little Englanders it is a gross misrepresentation.
  5. When you research the Bilderberg doctrine and overlay it on reality. Then you can see they are achieving their goal.
    • Dilute the culture pay scant regard for the indigenous populations, create chaos and dissension in individual countries.
    • Dismantle western economies create the basis for a global economy. This you can see across the UK the USA, even Australia. Coupled with the desperation across the Med.
  6. As 5.
  7. David Icke has been prophesying much of this since 98. Including 911. Now at this point I am not going to labour this area as it is a whole book on itself, but I would recommend a read of Black 9/11 (The author is American, Mark Gaffney). Another title would be Them by Jon Ronson. However, conspiracies are not what I am about as the facts are pretty damning on their own.

I will leave this here, save to say this whole exercise has led to the depressing set of circumstances, and I would add Trump was not part of the plan, we should Saviour the time we have with him. At a guess Putin has seen this and is preparing accordingly as is President Xi.

It’s not my intention to write much more on this, I intend to watch as it rolls out. My reason is simple it is to sad and depressing to watch.

We have a choice do we succumb to servitude as their plan is to create elites, and slaves there be no place for middle class, or do we break from this path and regain our future.

If you do nothing more this is a must watch

For me this has been a depressing experience and at times I wished it was a path I had not taken. Just as a pop star, I will retire from this subject.


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