Two GB current events that are topical and significant.

  1. The death of the baby blimp
  2. The red Arrows superb fly past.

There two events have shown what moderate Britain thinks, to the unedifying SMALL accumulation of well funded Khan disciples/protesters on display during President Trumps visit to London.

The lady who was arrested for popping the blimp, in reality she should be seen as a true hero, it was a disgrace to be so offensive on a state visit. Let your views known yes but debase the leader of our greatest Ally very definitely no.

The other event is of course the Red Arrow fly past. What a masterful stroke that was. The UK will soon exit from a period where we had the worst PM ever, and at the same time London has the worst Mayor. Therefore, the RAF message in the Sky’s is wholly appropriate. Sadly President Trump had left but I do hope he has seen it:

A British Moment To Be Proud!

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