The BBC dragged Queen Victoria into Brexit, this week Hercule Poirot.

Oh, BBC! Will you not stop until the lights go out? Your bias has become tedious to say the least. We, the captive public not only have to pay to listen to your current affairs broadcasts biased as they are. We have now to watch drama series that has been re-adapted to portray Brexit Britain through the eyes of Hercule Poirot. For what, to wrongly accuse your very licence payer of Great Britain as a racist, the UK a racist enclave. So how BBC do you portray Le Pen of France or Salvini’s Italy, or even Victor Orban’s Hungary? For Brexit Britain has more in common with these supporters of their electorate than the fake destructive news that you portray.

I guess I need to step back the BBC is not the worst that I have seen, since writing this I have seen the grass carving it is a disgrace. Sadiq Khan comments are appalling. I can hardly recognise my country. How did we let these people into power, we really were asleep at the wheel.

Are their no adults in a position of authority in the UK

Whichever side of the divide you sit, Brexit or Remain, the events in our politics, on our news bulletins, it must be sad to watch. The BBC take our money and embarrass our country. Whatever you think of Donald Trump he is the elected President of the United States of America, to insult him is to insult his electorate, really is that what we want to do? Is this the level the great British people want to appear to be operating at? Brexit doesn’t make me ashamed, it’s the way our institutions behave that make me ashamed.

BBC Anti Brexit Bias Drops Into Drama

The British public are not so stupid and you are no longer the sole source of news, albeit in the style of Lord Haw Haw Propaganda. I travel the world I used to be disappointed to hear people from other countries discuss the untrustworthy BBC, how it is no longer reliable, I am as disappointed .

The UK, once the bastion of manufacturing diversity, ship building, cars, trains, motorcycles, technologically advanced, Scientifically solid, Innovative. What have we become, and in the name of what? The new world order!

In the 1900s the UK was a land of plenty unlike anywhere else on this planet, materials, product people, information flowed through the UK in vast form, for the UK was a height of activity. Why was this BBC? It was because we embraced Free Trade. We were the largest exporter and the largest importer. We were the only Free Trade country on earth, fully integrated into the world economy. Except for Tobacco, Alcohol, Sugar, refined oils we could import anything free of tariffs and our economy boomed. What changed?

When did the Bilderberg’s start to dismantle the western economies

What changed; along came the EU and the Bilderberg doctrine. Our industries devastated, our sovereignty hijacked, our culture demolished. Unlike no other country outside of the EU has this happened to. As an example Indonesia has many cultures, many national identities, and all are preserved making this land rich in culture. How long before the Bilderberg’s focus on many individual nations and turn us all into McDonald’s lovers infatuated with the same soap operas. Dressing in beige slacks, cream shirts kowtowing to the eye in the sky, those of us that survive the pending plague culling our very being in line with your doctrine.

It seems to me since your very incarnation, chaos is all you have managed, for on your watch humanity has expanded way too fast, numbers way too big. What apocalyptic plan do you have in store for us all?

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Have a lovely trip President and First Lady Trump

America’s Decline Is In Reverse

America has suffered enough, the UK has suffered enough and for sure the Mediteranean countries have suffered enough. It’s time for a new course. Call your dogs off Trump, pull your poodles out from the house of commons, let’s attempt another way.

I agree the population is way too large and the greater picture is at risk as other species decline. Let’s explore ways to reduce the birth rate over the coming 50 years. As for wars my guess many of these have been brought about due to your policies.

Nato To The Door Of Russia

My guess the troubles with Russia are due to a pledge from Reagan not to take NATO to their door. Clinton did just that, what a loyal Bilderberg he was, you trained him well that year before he took office.

Profit or Imperialism or just Bilderberg Provocation.

It seems to me you have misjudged the kick back, you misjudged Trump coming to office, you misjudged Putin, you misjudged Xi Jinping. Hopefully, soon the UK can be added to your list of misjudgments as the EU implodes, with hope returning to the dis-enfranchised young across the Mediteranean.

‘The British economy has been one of the most efficient in the world: of the seven great powers of the interwar years … only the US had higher levels of income per head than Britain. … Britain has been one of the few great technological nations of the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.’


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