The Brexit Resistence Is Hotting Up

17.4M are abused, lied to for wanting a future for Great Britain

The lemmings following the Globalists the path to ruin

Since I started to write about brexit and I’ve now written over 100 blogs on this subject, several behaviours have concerned me:

  1. Why certain individuals behave the way they do? By this I mean the BBC, Heseltine, Clarke, Major, Adonis, Cameron, Osborne, Carnie, Rudd, O’Leary, Brown, Blair the list is quite long.
  2. Why Remainers label leavers Xenophobic, bigots, little Englanders and such like
  3. Why is there so much violence towards leavers, I admit milkshakes do not represent violence in the extreme but it is the start of a trend, and it is always against leavers.
  4. Court cases crowd funded to devise ways to undermine the leaver side of the argument. Marcus J Ball supposedly funding an opulent lifestyle from the proceeds.
  5. Why is there so much emphasis on the red bus, when you would need a red train to carry all the slogans banded around from the remainers and project fear.

All of these and more will not be answered but some I will deal with here.

  1. The individuals of some significance due to their public profile, stature and business interests, except Heseltine (recipient of Farm subsidies) and the BBC (recipient of EU funding) all others are known for their clandestine rendezvous with the Bilderberg organization created by Rockefeller of which George Soros is an officer of the group.  If you squirrel around the Internet you will find photos, videos, reports of attendees, of Rudd sharing transport with other eminent Bilderberg members in Turin during the last meeting etc. Indeed, it is said that Margaret Thatcher who was a Bilderberg went against the doctrine i.e. that that sovereignty must be passed to the EU. In refusing to do this she opened herself up to being ousted and replaced by what is referred the Bilderberg poodle, John Major, John Major’s first task to sign our sovereignty over in the Lisbon treaty, which he bullied through the house of commons using blackmail.
  2. Since I have started to write this set of, if you like expose. I have received many racist comments whilst at the same time as being described as Xenophobic. Ironic as my career has been through Telecoms in a global market, I currently reside in Indonesia, and I am an Indonesia fan by nature. Indeed, my wife is Balinese influential business person of some stature. One person knowing this insisted I go back to my Thai bride, none of which is a concern other than the hypocrisy of their behaviour
  3. The violence supposedly the domain of us uneducated stupid leavers. Indeed, on questiontime tonight Jo Swinson equates the death of Jo Cox laying it specifically at Nigel Farage door, Jo’s death was abhorrent but in no way can this be laid at Nigel’s door, it is obscene party politicking to try. What else can be said, party politics remain whilst the country implodes. My heart went out to Alex for being the sole brexiteer on this biased TV current affairs program. As for the psychologist as educated as he might be, his comments were irrelevant and lacked an appreciation for democracy.
  4. This court case is just opportunist way to block Boris from leaving the EU with no deal. The lemmings funding this has no regard for how this is proceeding indeed Marcus Ball is purportedly to have a lavish lifestyle as a result of the monies raised. An individual described as depressed, angry for how the vote landed. Welcome to democracy Mr Ball. As to the crowd Funder here you take the accolade for being stupid.
  5. The red bus read to me as a suggestion and why not make that suggestion. I saw a picture yesterday of an extended red bus hosting various, not all but some claims referred by remainers. We seem to have lost sight as to why we are leaving: It is simple the EU is a failed union made up of vested parties who are pursuing an ideology at the expense of individuals, in particular the young across the Med. But, don’t get me wrong the young across the Med for sure has suffered but the German workers they to have suffered their pay increases have been half that of Finland. All the time the doors are thrown open to immigrants from across the Arab and Pakistan communities to cheapen the labour pool. Guess what Merkel  is reported as a member of the Bilderberg’s, and by the way so is Mark Rutte of the Netherlands It’s important to note here the mission of George Soros and the Bilderberg’s is to bring about a one world government, to do this they need first to create chaos, if you read their scriptures nothing is off limits..

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The Politically motivated stop Brexit campaign, lemmings and useful idiots merge.

A Stop Boris Campaign.

WTO a perfectly reasonable interim, no cliff edge, no crash out!

WTO, Mrs May referred to us leaving on WTO during her Mansion House speech, “no deal is better than a bad deal”. To me that was a sure indication that the UK would stand firm, and be prepared to leave on no deal, an excellent negotiating strategy.

WTO is a perfectly acceptable framework in which to build from after all only 12% of our exports go into the EU 20% of that transits through ports in Holland onto a larger world. Let’s not forget EU supply one third more to us than we to them that’s a massive £96B trade surplus. If the Bilderberg’s want to create chaos for their economies than to ignore this would surely be a good starting point to begin with. Thus, the UK can be demonized for the job losses across the German car industry.

So, we have the birth of “cliff edge, falling into the clutches of the WTO and crashing out” emotive phrases to avoid the reality of EU intransigence and their total contempt for their citizens, citizens the length and breadth of the EU.

October 2016, the heads of four industrial lobby groups referring to “crashing out” the CBI, the EEF, the ICC and techUK, published an open letter to the Prime Minister saying: … every credible study that has been conducted has shown that this WTO option would do serious, and lasting damage to the UK economy and those of our trading partners. The Government should give certainty to business by immediately ruling this option out under any circumstances.

Lies from our revered institutions EU funded by the way

But at no times have they ever referenced or published these studies.

I’m sorry to say the Remainers are what is referred as the Bilderberg’s useful idiots. For they will speed their demise and demise of Great Britain add to the plight of young across the Med. We need to break free from this one world government vision and the ways they intend to achieve this.

Two points emerge from the name-calling 1. The Remainers have not a single argument, 2. The names we are referred belong in their camp.

Focus for the future look to Inonesia


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