Indonesia on track for a successful future.

Indonesia has been my life since 1985, when I first visited Bali during a holiday, endearing me to this dynamic collection of magical islands, all things Indonesian. Here I am 34 years later living as a retiree on the paradise isle of Bali, married to wonderful smart Balinese lady.

Indonesia has prepared for the future

My relationship with Indonesia came from their telecommunication expansion during the mid 90s. Living and working in Malaysia my company supplied many versions of control systems to the fledgling new operators, namely Telkomsel and XL. Telkomsel by far the biggest operator across the archipelago. My association remained through various relationships bonding today’s technology in this dynamic location. I have always found this country to be a fascinating evolving, forward thinking modern day industrialized nation one that could rival any nation.

It should not be a surprise when I say Indonesia is predicted, by PWC to be the world’s 5th largest economy by 2030. An archipelago of 13,500 islands with 250 distinct languages, rich in culture, style and wonderful scenery to view.

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Indonesia conjures up thoughts of holidays, magical islands, lost in a golden time, mystical beliefs and combined welcoming communities. But, it is so much more than this with 250M people all of which are upwardly mobile they offer this region hope with vast opportunities. For example, China has predominantly controlled the world’s factories, but this has changed it has migrated to the south. Whereas China’s labour market at a factory floor level is three times more costly than that of Indonesia. It is therefore no surprise that factories have migrated to Indonesia.

In a previous article I spoke about the three waves of economic evolution. Wave one was that of Japan and Korea, some 250M people who drove and benefited from this expansion. In so doing they then invested in wave two, which opens up China, Taiwan a market of 1.2 Billion. As this market grew and then steadied. Opportunities to grow, expand and benefit from a larger Asia market, today we have some five Billion people driving, investing in these Asian economies. Indonesia due to its unique location, size of its available workforce, together with an abundance of Millennials, stable and fiscally adept government is placed to benefit from the change in Asia dynamics.

Relationships are key, the future works for Indonesia.

As the west looks inward, America follows an America first policy. The European Union is absorbed by Brexit, their desire to harness and shackle a global economy such as the UK they are missing the bigger picture Asia’s growth along with the opportunities for Indonesia. Asia in general has drawn on their combined resources their combined markets and benefited hugely from the withdraw following the west’s confusion.

The West looks internal Brexit chaos America withdraws

Such is our naivety, stuck in an inward fight to create chaos within our own economies, we are missing opportunities that sit in our own back yard. Indonesia has invested in the Suez canal economic zone specifically to take advantage of the opportunities across the Med. This is a country we must be part of, it has a great future, this is Indonesia’s century.

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