May gone, now the Globalists!

Ding Dong Mrs May has gone.
No doubt my comment here will be viewed as cruel and harsh, and yes I do not like to see an individual broken, particularly due to their conviction which has been exercised through their passion. But let’s be clear Mrs May went against the electorate, went against Parliament and went against her party of which she was the leader.

In any other less forgiving democracy, a democracy in name only which is what we had become, she would have faced a tank on the doorstep of no 10. Her life would have been at risk for behaving in such a manner. She had run rough-shod over democracy in the UK, and with it our moral status in the world, not to mention 200 years of Conservatism down the drain.

Complacency should never be on our agenda again

Mrs May Resignation

Her one saving grace is she did not do this alone, she had formidable help from Philip Hammond, the duplicity of Amber Hurd a Bilderberg. Undermined at every turn by Tony Blair, a Bilderberg, lambasted in the Press by George Osborne, a Bilderberg. Ham strung by Yvette Cooper whose husband Ed balls guess what a Bilderberg. You can see where I’m going with this, because to top the pyramid sits one figure George Soros.


I could name others: Lord Adonis Bilderberg, Lord Mandelson Bilderberg, Ken Clarke, John Major, Cameron, Charles yes Prince, Prince Philip, Carnie. I am suspicious of Philip May but it just appears he does very well from the bombing of Syria, perhaps a deeper involvement in the European Union and its financial trade.

Bilderberg Globalist Agenda

180 lost souls, but Tony Blair receives a life time achievement award.

The Bilderberg have a Globalist agenda for that is no secret. Every year it brings together what they refer as the global elite and their useful idiots (John Major was known as the Bilderberg poodle). But is their agenda under threat? My guess yes and I fore sure hope so, because it cares not one jot for the plight of us ordinary folk, there is no greater testament to this than the young people across Greece, Italy, Spain and to a lesser extent Portugal. The Euro was an ideology introduced at the behest of the Bilderberg, indeed the whole EU is the vehicle in which this sinister organisation will roll out their black agenda; the three pillars, three economies across the globe with the Bilderberg watching from aloft. But has it been dealt a blow, my guess yes, I believe Trump gaining office was unforeseen and I believe the great British electorate have woken in the nick of time to thwart another devious phase in our march to subservience, for that we have a debt of gratitude to Nigel Farage, for he is truly a peoples man.

Do I believe the plan has been scuppered? No I do not, I believe it will fight another day but for now we have one advantage Soros is old, but that is double-edged sword be under no mistake he is old, and he’s cornered what does he have to lose, we must be on our guard.

Which brings me to the UK government should their not be an election, my earnest recommendation is to not allow a single Bilderberg or their useful idiot anywhere near government, that means Amber Rudd who is already cosying up to Boris.

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Is this what we want?

We need to heal our politics needs to heal for we are at the end stages of our passive revolution. In a previous blog I detailed the criteria for the French revolution which created the strife along with the shift of power towards the people. In this blog which I will link to you see the remarkable parallels to our situation today. Be under no illusion we have undergone a revolution that is not yet over. We have done this with the astuteness of Nigel Farage we have done this passively. He is the Gandhi of our era!


UKIP conversely chose a different route which was of course unfortunate for them, however, they may still gain seats in the EU parliament for this they should be supported but their ideology is far from now perfect.

European Union an Ideology too far, built by whom to serve who?

Just this week information leaks from the EU. Sovereign powers are required to drift towards the EU superstructure. Democracy is under threat as it is intended to eradicate sovereign parliaments in favour of elected individuals from a council of elites.

We must leave and leave with a ridiculous bill of £39B un-paid. We must rebuild the balance in our economy and we must now support the nations who have suffered the most, Greece, Italy, Spain. Not least, we must also throw support to the French people. For they face the same Bilderberg catastrophe from guess what Macron a Bilderberg!


Inquiries are Good Mr Brown


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