May, just in the wrong place!

The pictures of May last night really do want to make your heart go out to her. But she is just in the wrong democracy, Franco’s Spain or Maduro’s Venezuala would have suited her better! What a shambles; Soros is backing the wrong horse! Changes has lost the plot! Thank god for Nigel Farage he has at least restored hope and hopefully change can come to restore democracy.  He is the George Danton, the Gandhi of our time!

Mrs MAY and the Conservatives have redressed the Matadors cape.

It used to be that red was the colour of rage, a bull fighter waves a red cloth hanging from a muleta to encourage the bull to fight, admittedly after he has wounded it barbarically. Today in the UK it’s clear the colour most associated with negativity and anger is now conservative blue. It raises emotions of rage in us all, for we to have been wounded by Mrs May sword of Damocles in the shape of colonization of the mighty British lands. Don’t get me wrong red is still up there as the alternative doomsayer. But what’s prominent is now blue for it is the colour most associated with rage. 

There is something quite calming when turquoise catches your eye. A fresh, airy colour ushering a new spring, the dawning of a new age. Given the mood of the people, I’m sure soon homes will be painted turquoise, cars will come in turquoise with a metallic option. Turquoise bricks, turquoise roof tiles. I’m romanticizing, but dream we must, indeed we need to heal, that is once, if ever we get through this ordeal. 

Mrs May genuinely believes that Parliament are swimming against the tide of people that it is her that is swimming with the tide. She is absolutely right, Parliament are swimming against the people, against their electorate, but they have done so discretely forever.  But, they’ve chosen the wrong subject in which to make it obvious. Parliament are indeed swimming against the people, but it should be noted, Mrs May is in the wrong sea. 

Mrs May’s speech: In the final words of Beethoven “Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est” applaud my friends the comedy is over. Sadly it was not to be. But I do feel it is the final act, as what else can she capitulate on! 

European Union Colonization and hope the Great British people do not notice

So, it continues, we stay in, but in name only, a colony of the dreaded European Union aligned by a failing project of regulation and bureaucracy. Soon our plight will be the same as Greece that bastion of philosophy, whose youth languish in the parks, on the beaches, sit on the steps of the acropolis, but it will be OK as the fat cats are getting fatter, and we are too stupid to know what we voted for. 

Perhaps I was deluded, perhaps I genuinely felt that she could see that the road for her had ended. That the curtain had finally closed on her act of comedy, but her head has again appeared through the folds of the deep velvet curtains, just as the audience had breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted to a more relaxed position. She is, to me like a reigniting candle she will not extinguish she just keeps bursting into flame, her only goal now must be to burn the house down and all that’s inside. Keep the faith and hope that all will be fine as the turquoise seas will wash in. They just can’t come quick enough.

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George Soros, Bilderberg and the anti Brexit Donations

I’m confused, perhaps because I haven’t researched enough but George Soros keeps donating to the overthrow of the British democratic vote. Headlines that read £400,000 given to the fight to stop Brexit. Who is he giving this too? What is the money funding? Is this legal? For sure, he can give money to who he likes but can that organization then use these foreign funds to subvert the will of a sovereign nation? This whole setup of our government is completely corrupt it is rogue, overtly in self-preservation mode. It is here that the inquiries should be focused, the goals and objectives of George Soros the man who is banned from visiting his homeland, the architect of the Bilderberg doctrine of which so many of our MP’s are members, the list includes Prince Charles, the husband of Yvette Cooper etc. 

We need to wake up, and see that the playing field is not level. For we are at the point of a revolution, Mrs May look around you, you are alone, you should take stock, be mindful as to the causes of revolutions. The most obvious role model is that of the French revolution for here the parallels to us are alarmingly similar: 

1. International: struggle for hegemony and Empire.

2. Political conflict: conflict between the Elite and the people.

3. The Enlightenment: impulse for reform intensifies political conflicts. 

4. Social antagonisms between two rising groups: the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie in our case the political self-serving elite verses the people. 

5. Ineffective ruler: Louis XVI / Theresa May!

6. Economic hardship, especially the agrarian, (our case immigration) crisis of 1788-89 generates popular discontent.

We meet the criteria for a revolution Mrs May you should not ignore the warning signs.  

Nigel Farage our modern day Gandhi


Nigel Farage is our modern day George Danton, but unlike George Danton Nigel Farage has prepared for the state sponsored anarchy aligned against him, as is evident from the stupidity of Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown a man who is always away swimming in the wrong seas!

Wake Up! Turquoise is our new Bastille colour, luckily for us all Nigel Farage has the attributes of a Gandhi the presence of a passive leader who  can extricate us from the elite oppression, without risking a backlash, and he hovers in the middle ground.


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  1. An interesting point of view – but so terribly wrong! Can you name a country, let alone one the size of UK, that trades on WTO terms only, with no free trade agreements with other nations or blocs. As for foreign donations, who is financing Farage and his cohorts?

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