Let’s have inquiries Mr Brown

There are just so many subjects to inquire about: namely 400 metric tonnes of gold, that you forewarned the market that you would sell, even the dates. You sold this gold at a quarter of its value. Whom did you sell it to?


Dear Gordon Brown

Very timely your approach to determine the funding of the Brexit Party. For this, we can at least say your involvement for sure is intended to interrupt the momentum of the Brexit party prior to the EU elections. Can I just say I think this is childish, and spiteful on your part to involve the electoral commission two days prior to the election. However, now you have done, so I think you will find that it will backfire throwing more support at the man of the moment.  It is, though, a serious indication as to the fear washing through the Parliament playground. 

Sadly for you, your actions will only compound the convincing and welcome lead that the Brexit Party have. For this you should be thanked! 

It is a shame Mr Brown that you did not exercise due prudence when you relieved the UK vaults of its gold bullion.

Tony Blair Inquiries

Whilst we’re on the subject of Inquiries, can I suggest several other inquiries:

  1. Tony Blair’s expenses whilst holding the office of Prime Minister, it is widely rumoured that he received considerable assistance with his household bills, and mortgages. 
  2. The question still remains as to the content of his shredded expense claims. It would appear that on close inspection of MPs expenses one Ministers documents had been shredded. That of Tony Blair.
  3. By far the most significant, immoral claim is that Tony Blair received £1M from an Israeli university, rumoured for his war in Iraq. I admit this was masked as the Dan David prize and refer to his war in Kosova. To mention Iraq would be a pill to bitter to swallow, but let’s not be silly here. 

The Death of David Kelly

The Death of David Kelly

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I think you get my picture, to use a metaphor those that live in glass houses etc.. 

You can not destroy the peoples momentum or the people’s Brexit party

The British public are not at all stupid indeed there is an awakening of a collective, previously it was only individual constellations, but now the stars are aligned, and they are focused on the malignant practices of our self invested politicians. Do you think your plan will work? To use your good offices to put down the mass’? No! For it is folly and immature to try..

Mr Brown enjoy your retirement and hope the lights do not shine on you. Take your cuneiform scriptures your Bilderberg teachings and plot your resurgence, to bring on the “one world order”.  For this period belongs to that of the people. You sir during your time in office had made a hash of the economy, although on reading the Bilderberg doctrine perhaps you will differ, as chaos is your intention to serve your master. Without chaos order cannot be brought aligned with the three pillars. But, as you’re aware the order emerging is not formed of you or your master’s making. Reserve your protestations for another era for now you look like a spoilt child.

Nigel Farage our modern day David against the Goliath

The Brexit party have this in the bag, and Nigel Farage is the man of our time. I like many am proud to see the opportunities that the UK now have. A future without the handicap of chaos at every corner, just so your gang can achieve the three pillars of the world. 

I will leave on one note, I do hope Tony Blair offered some of his compensation for the Iraq war to the widow of David Kelly. In case you have a foggy memory he is the scientists who dismissed your claims of WMD in Iraq. But as an annoyance that he was his death in a woodland in Oxfordshire was fortuitously timed. 


I think in your era Mr Brown there was many inquiries that should indeed take place. For it would appear that this period was the last great milking of the system.  

We should be mindful of the stupidity of Tony Blair’s bitter observation in 2006: “Co-operate in Europe and you betray Britain: be unreasonable in Europe, be praised back home, and be utterly without influence in Europe.” Look around: Alice Weidel AFd, Matteo Salvini Italy, Viktor Orban Hungary, Marine Le Pen. It is the European Union that soon will be utterly without influence.

I’ll leave this blog here with an excerpt from Roger Bootle’s book: 

“Several leading Remain politicians are in the habit of waxing lyrical about the Single Market without adducing a shred of evidence that it has in fact been extremely beneficial. This group includes Nick Clegg, Kenneth Clarke, Sir John Major and Tony Blair. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, even seems to be prepared to break up the United Kingdom Based on the Single Market’s supposedly overwhelming importance to Scotland’s economy — again without evidence.”

Unsure of Nicola Sturgeon she seems somewhat misguided led by an emotional attachment to the “Braveheart era”, the rest are supposedly Bilderberg members. 


Inquiries are Good Mr Brown


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