Bilderberg’s EU is not our EU!

Bilderberg’s, EU is not toy made available for as a rich person pleasure to control the masses. Bilderberg’s are everywhere in the Sky’s (O’leary),  in the Cabinet (Amber Rudd), Elder statesmen (Ken Clarke), anti brexit Yvette Cooper (Ed Balls), Royalty (Prince Charles) the list continues: Osborne, Blair, Major (referred as the Bilderberg poodle), Cameron, World leaders Macron, Merkel and of course Soros.

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” 

Terence McKenna

Perception verses reality, are we aware of how wastefully our taxes are spent

An interesting quote from Mr McKenna, ethnobotanist, a quote on consciousness which in many ways reflects the perception of our situation as it is today. But, in reality our crisis, our desperate situation could indeed be the product of too much consciousness. Interesting thought perhaps? But, let me explain. There is significant data out there that could require us to give thought, to consider what is real, and what is actually perception. 

You may wonder about the title of this blog,  what do the sky’s have to do with this? O’leary ardent remainer but fervent Biderberger. Bilderberger I will explain later. We all lead busy lives, most work to fulfill our ever growing needs, whilst sustaining a government with lavish wasteful ideal, a casing point of course the EU elections. Few of us have really the bandwidth or the inclination to question as to how we are governed nor why we, the collective we, take the decisions that we do. Such as: why do our hard-earned taxes go in aid to China and India? Why have we allowed so many migrants from countries outside of war torn areas to populate our cities and factories? Why do we take genuine refugees when Saudi take none? These are all questions that perplex us, but we have little time to consider the ramifications, beyond throwing a slipper at the TV, because we are the worker bees. Worker bees that must be kept in line. 

Matteo Salvini, Alice Weidel, Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen.

The Daily Telegraph today has run an interesting story; “How Matteo Salvini’s alliance of European nationalists plan to tear apart the fabric of the EU.” Well isn’t that what Cameron tried to do and failed with that endeavour. They may have wished they’d entertained him now, but that would have undermined Soros grand plan.

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Amber Rudd Turin Airport on the way to the Bilderberg Meeting

George Soros, the Blair Bilderberg connection

This there is no doubt the EU is a protectionist racket that has traveled too far. But, Soros why does Soros’ name keep cropping up, time and time again? Soros’ and Blair, Soros funds the EU projects, Soros the face of Globalization, Soros view on this, and that. It’s an interesting take, Soros appears to be the protagonists behind much that is wrong with society. He may well focus on the economics, the financial well-being, he may well believe that big corporations need a competitive workforce and to achieve this the gates need to be opened and floods of migrants swarm in to competitively undercut the incumbent inhabitants. He cares not one jot for culture, for a way of life, for a sense of belonging that makes for a cohesive society.

What he has failed to see or even care for is this:

  1. The EU is a protectionist racket that subsidizes its farmers by laying tariffs on food products, up to as much as 50% on Dairy products. 
  2. Taxes are at 20% for VAT. 
  3. Taxes on fuel etc.
  4. Closed shops

What I am saying here, at no time does he consider the rules in which we are governed and how they impact the indigenous population. Sure the factories have their cheap labour. But, at what cost to the British public, I suspect this is the same across the European Union, we are squeezed from all directions. Jobs are now low paid, yet food, clothing, bills remain high. Closed shops are formed ie. A Sainsbury’s distribution centre in the midlands where only the polish are employed, not deliberately, just how its has evolved through fair means or foul. Taxi ranks up, and down the country where only Pakistani can ply their trade. 

If Soros is truly behind all of this then what is his goal? 

I made a big point over the last few days as to the Bilderberg club of which many of our leaders, royalty, industrialist, named elite through wealth are part and parcel of. Queen Beatrix Netherlands, Mark Rutte PM Holland, Cameron ex PM UK, Prince Charles, Ken Clarke, Amber Rudd, John Major, Margaret Thatcher the list is long, too long to name here but if you refer to my related articles, I have posted a link.

Matteo Salvini, Alexander Gauland, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen

I have a quote from today’s Telegraph: “The people gathered here are not from the far-right. The extremists are those that have governed Europe over the last twenty years.”  – Italian Prime Minister. This was in reference to Salvini’s gathering in Milan of Le Pen, Geert Wielders, Alexander Gauland etc.

“Who betrayed Europe, the dream of our founding fathers, De Gaulle, De Gasperi? It was the Merkel’s, the Macrons, the Soros, the Juncker who built the Europe of big finance and uncontrolled migration!”

The Bilderberg club

The Bilderberg club has been around since May 1954. Original purpose to foster good relations between America and Europe. But today is it something more sinister? or is it just a club to make even more money, off the backs of the ordinary folk across Europe. Either way this has to change! We are fortunate as we have a new wave of leaders emerging, these individuals to change this are: Trump in America, for sure his enemies are well funded, Matteo Salvini Italy’s PM, Alice Wiedel AFD Germany, Marine Le Pen France (incidentally Macron is a Bilderberg) Geert Wilders Holland, let’s not forget Nigel Farage the chief saviour of the ordinary folk of Great Britain.  

However, here comes the dilemma, this alliance must be formed throughout Europe, but for Nigel to be a part of it then he will indeed fall foul of perception. Perception will paint him far right. Just as perception paints Trump far right when reality shows both are left of the middle, supportive of us mere mortals. 

We have to wake up and see what is going on here, few have good arguments to remain in the club of elitism, capitalists, indeed Ken Clarke floundered on Andrew Neil. Hence, why there are so many bad names for brexiteers, they, the remainers have no argument left, if they had one at all.


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