Trump’s and Brexit issue is an absence Illuminati acceptance

Illuminati Accepted Blair and The European Project. Not the people.

Are they prepared to bring down America to achieve their goal? They tried once in 1973. They tried twice through George Bush senior “no new taxes”, this ushered in the prodigy, Clinton a Bilderberg? You couldn’t make this stuff up – is nothing for real?

The Great Plan to hell with the people

Yesterday, I covered a subject regarding the Illuminati, this is a subject which should concern us all.  Having opened this Pandora’s box and seen the complex scriptures that it holds I’ve rummaged somewhat deeper and discovered a spiders web of links between Blair, Bush and Clinton. I do not mean professional links through the good offices of the then Prime Minister and successive Presidents of the USA. I mean secret links that predate such encounters on the World stage.

To begin on a topic I knew little about, sure I have heard of the Illuminati and of course freemasonry both of which I have taken with a grain of salt. However, another group has come to light, it was only by delving into this group that the links all begin to form. 

The Bilderberg Club.

The Bilderberg club again a secret society and again with its roots deep with the rich, and powerful. But this club does not standalone it’s w4ith the Illuminati and Skull and Bones, running in parallel with the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

Sitting behind all this is the house of Rothschild wealth, purported as US$500 trillion. The house of Rothschild is documented as the guardians of the Vatican treasury.  There begins the links to the secret society of which we all are manipulated by.

Where does Blair fit into all of this? Blair was an attendee of the Bilderberg group in 1993. One year prior to take the leadership of the labour party and subsequent Prime Ministership of the United Kingdom. Be aware Clinton was also an attendee in 1991 one year prior to run for president. So where do the links form with George W Bush? It is reported that Blair is a 33rd degree member, Grandmaster no less of the Studholme Masonic Lodge. He is also alleged as a Sovereign Knight of Malta. These are all office way above that of the ordinary Masonic groups, a secret society within a society of secrets. Here comes the connection with Bush. Bush, it is alleged, a past Sovereign Knight of Eulogia as well as a high ranking member of the Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society.

It is all clear from the eminent list of members.

Let’s take a step back and consider Brexit for a while. By far the biggest protagonist advocating remain are: David Cameron, Tony Blair, John Major (known as the Bilderberg poodle), Ken Clarke, Ed Balls through his wife Yvette Cooper, Peter Mandelson, George Osborne, David Owen, Paddy Ashdown, Gordon Brown, Look to France and the Macron, Blair alliance, Merkel in Germany, Mark Rutte Netherlands. What do they all have in common? They are members of the Bilderberg, advocates of the one world government. Aligned to the Vatican perhaps! 

Tony Blair has broken with an age-old tradition of not interfering in the affairs of his successor, yet here he is undermining the UK prime Minster at every opportunity, he is undermining democracy, he is demeaning the leader of his own party. Is he doing this off his own back? I think not!

Now here’s another twist, we have all been led to believe Mark Rutte is Theresa Mays champion and friend, but from what I have seen of him he is anything but! Why? Well of course he is a Bilderberg member. However, that is not the complete picture. Look to the attendees of the last Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa June 8th to the 10th Brook street Hotel Ottawa, Canada. Such power, the event held a cordon was established 1 km from the hotel. Even the police was not allowed access past the private security which surrounded the attendees. However, I digress attendees included : David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission and former chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank; Frank Mckenna, former Premier of New Brunswick and ex-ambassador to the U.S; Gordon Nixon, President and CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada; second row: James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank; Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defense to U.S. President Reagan and advisor of present President Bush; Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

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List of Bilderberg participants. Interalpen Hotel-Tyrol, Austria Bilderberg meeting held in 1988 and 2015

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The founder Joseph Rettinger, a 33rd degree mason himself enlisted the support of Prince Bernard of Holland as a form of poster boy. 

Now you see why Brexit cannot happen without the populous understanding the game at play here. Nigel Farage may well have grassroots support, but an upset will come from an un-even playing field. Our one hope is that Donald Trump broke the mould in the U.S., then we can here. But the dirty games will not end there, just as they haven’t ended in the U.S.  Trump needs to keep his guard up.

Their list of achievements, a stunning testimony to the evil at play:

  • Bilderberg made the decision to establish relations with China before President Nixon made it public.
  • Bilderberg started to, as they referred to it “softening up” the world governments by increasing the price of oil 350% This was decided in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden 1973, purpose, to create economic chaos.
  • It is reasoned that the Bilderberg orchestrated the fall of Margaret Thatcher due to her staunch opposition to the passing of sovereign powers, beneficiary John Major who went on and sold us out through the Lisbon treaty. 
  • “The Bilderberg-orchestrated decision of getting rid of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister, because she opposed the willful hand-over of British sovereignty to the European Super State designed by the Bilderbergers. And incredulously, we all watched as her own party sold her out in favour of the Bilderberg poodle — John Major.”

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