BBC show a lack of morals. They have power to access our wallets!

Is the licence fee the new poll tax?

What a place the UK has become. Voting systems that accept fraud. A people funded TV and media enterprise that is allowed to spread and distort information. While all the time making it compulsory for us to pay them, and now targeting some of the most vulnerable in our society. For what, so mega salaries can land in the pockets of very people who distort the facts. What the last three years have shown is that they are not worthy of our hard-earned cash. It is time, they should embrace technology and put a subscription in place. Then they will have to sharpen their act up, just like any other TV stations.

The BBC throughout the ages have shown a lack of morals. Consider the children’s programs productions the connotations implied from the character names. Then of course the Saville era along with Paul Francis Gadd otherwise Gary Glitter. Now we have this overt bias disregard for the licence payer. How much more will the British take, supposedly not content to rape our kids, now they will rape our wallets. What the BBC seem to miss is that we have an education system here in the UK, this is not Victorian England. We are not so stupid.

BBC Bias And Morales, they should be brought to book.

BBC Low Morales, Saville, Biased, Poor Standard For Children?

On the Sunday interview with Nigel Farage, sorry to revisit this, it’s perhaps irritating, but, I have thought this through a little more. I have a question; Is the BBC a force for good in our life and have they ever been? For sure David Attenborough a remarkable man by all accounts, there is no doubt our lives have been enriched by such works of knowledge and enlightenment. Given the BBC interview with Nigel Farage on Sunday, and their need to drag up the past, distort the events and contextualize wrongly to demean the Brexit Party.  Given that the BBC have no interest in covering anything Brexit Party. It caused me to consider the value of BBC in our lives. 

Since a child I have been weaned so to speak on the BBC, Watch with Mother, Blue Peter. But, one series comes to mind, of course it is that of Captain Pugwash, Master Mates, etc. By all accounts have disgusting connotations, perhaps spin by the now defunct daily correspondent who frequently lambasted the BBC for such terminology. The BBC responded winning a lawsuit against the correspondent. But of course was the BBC negligent in their use of such innuendo, particularly during an age of sexual misconduct aimed at children. Then of course we had the Jimmy Saville era. Clearly under the protection of Auntie! One wonders just how low the BBC can stoop. 

European Union funding of the BBC.

We have the Early Day Motion 791 tabled in the house of commons January 2008, which clearly states that the BBC are; the paid voice of the European Union. We know over just a five-year period they, the BBC received £266M in soft loans, donations, from the EU. One is to wonder, do we have indeed a British Institution whose actionable values are not inline with ours, who even ignore their published values, a kind of published manifesto!

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Are we consumed by a P.G Wodehouse vision of Great Britain.

On to Brexit waste no more time on the morals or lack of in the BBC. Some would argue that us brexiteers see the world through rose-tinted glasses that we favour an era such as those referred in the words of PG Wodehouse.

“There’s something about evening service in a country church that makes a fellow feel drowsy and peaceful. Sort of end-of-a-perfect-day feeling. … They had left the door open, and the air was full of a mixed scent of trees and honeysuckle and mildew and villagers’ Sunday clothes. As far as the eye could reach you could see farmers propped up in restful attitudes, breathing heavily; and the children in the congregation who had fidgeted during the earlier part of the proceedings were now lying back in a surfeited sort of coma. The last rays of the setting sun shone through the stained-glass windows, birds were twittering in the trees, the women’s dresses crackled gently in the stillness.”

They would argue that to hark back to such an era is folly as such times were more of hardship and suffering which of the course is true. But the era is different the opportunity is different. The European Union is failing and to stay within its confines we are destined to miss the opportunities that the world offers. Look to the Mediterranean, look to the youth unemployed, Greece, the home of the world’s greatest philosophers, explorers long before Europe woke up, were trading with Asia 500 years BC. They are doomed by the European project! France destined to join its neighbours to the south, it cannot improve productivity, values rigidly held by dissenting violent protesters. Quelled with equal vigor, violent actions by Macron’s army will be France’s undoing. Yet all the time 9% of all subsidies go to the French Farmers. Tariffs are loaded on the consumer, up to and as much as 50% on Dairy Products. Tariffs that we the British consumer pay to support the wasteful productivity of French farmers.

Some would have you believe that it is us who are responsible for our industrial decline, that we hanker after a romantic era of green and pleasant lands. Mortified by the destruction that our industrial towns wrecked on our lives as is encapsulated through the verses of the “Last Night At The Proms; Dark Satanic Mills vs Green and Peasant Land.”

Utter poppycock our industrial heartlands have suffered through a lack of investment by successive governments. Our investment pales next to that of even Germany, we languish at 50% of the global average*. Our productivity shows little improvement the reason being services benefit little from technology advances. We must as a matter of urgency revitalize our industrial heartlands.  

*Data collected from the IMF book of statistics. 

In the early 70s one third of our GDP came by manufacturing, today it is less than 10%, this is not healthy and makes for a disenfranchised electorate.

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The Blair and Brown Era.

Consider this as reported by the biased BBC May 10th, 07.

“Under Messrs Blair and Brown together, Britain has allowed itself to become the most global large economy in the world: We have allowed our companies to be bought up by foreigners, our manufacturing has been allowed to move off-shore, we have been a more vociferous champion of free trade than our large trading partners. And above all, perhaps the biggest single economic decision of the Blair government’s period in office, we have allowed foreign labour to migrate here more freely than most of our counterparts.”  

The results of such folly.

The effects were deliberate and inline with Blair’s personal ambitions perhaps; But, the results were negative, for sure at the end of the Blair Brown era the economy was very different to that of the one they inherited, but it had bust!

Business and financial services become our dominant industries, manufacturing shrunk in relative terms at an alarming rate (from 21% of our economy in 1997, to less than 10% today).

All the time our population grew approx. four per cent. Not since the post-war years have we seen population growth on that magnitude. The burden on our services is acute, a price we now all have to pay. To stand  still on a year in year out basis we sell assets. 

The UK needs a Donald Trump character. Put the Great back into Britain.

If ever we need a Trump now is it! Since we decided to leave the EU we have enjoyed the best influx of Foreign investment of any country save that of China, to add, many EU companies have brought their money to invest in the UK. They are looking to the future, and better times. Yet we allow our vested political class to hamstring us. 

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