Sunday of Lies and Blair Spin

What a morning that Sunday was. The Andrew Marr show was disgraceful.  The BBC really have little regard for 17. 4M licence payers (I suspect that number is greater now), that’s nearly £100M per year in the licence fee.  They (BBC) are clear, their master is the €52M per year that the EU grant to them. Their biased, arrogant reporting has to stop they’re degrading themselves. Overseas nationals no longer look to the BBC as impartial on any subject that is a shame!

Andrew Marr, Nigel Farage Interview.

What a Sunday, it never ends wall-to-wall duplicity and remainer spin! On the Andrew Marr show as well Sophie Ridge.

All credit to Nigel for the way he handled the interview, and what a stupid comment the labour guy made that the voters would switch off from Nigel after watching the interview. They, Politicians or even BBC presenters for that matter, still do not get it, they still believe British people are so stupid that they can’t see that Nigel was being ambushed by the Brexit Bashing Corporation.

Hands up all those people who are happy for any sick person to leave their country head to the UK and make use of the NHS. That is what Andrew Marr implied Nigel was against as though this was a huge crime against British people. It was an interesting point, the Brexit party have a commanding lead in European polls yet as Nigel pointed out the BBC was not present at any Brexit party rally? Some serious questions need to be asked whether the public funded BBC are indeed a European 5th column. 


You can make your own mind up, but first let me highlight a little known fact about  a House of Commons Motion put forward 28th January 2008. It is called the Early Day Motion 791 EU funding of the BBC:

“That this House notes that soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the last five years were paid by the EU to the BBC; believes that such payments compromise the independence and objectivity of the BBC on EU issues; further notes that the BBC benefited by a cash-equivalent of approximately 39 million euros which is made up of 20.4 million actual saved interest on loan facilities of 240 million, 2.5 million in grants, 14.6 million to BBC World and 1.7 million euros in indirect payments; further notes that there are, in addition, undisclosed sums in respect of joint projects; further believes that these substantial benefits may offend against the BBC’s Royal Charter, which demands independence, and also its editorial guidelines which state that the BBC should not `accept funds from any organisation whose interests or actions could raise doubts about the objectivity of programming’; and cites, as continuing evidence of BBC bias in its coverage of EU affairs, the BBC’s refusal to broadcast coverage of the National Pro-Referendum Rally at Westminster on 27th October 2007; therefore calls on the Government to establish an independent inquiry into EU funding of the BBC and its impact on the BBC’s objectivity on European matters and current debate over a referendum on the EU Constitution; and congratulates the Campaign for an Independent Britain for its initiative in uncovering this information.”

Please make your own mind up as to the influence the EU has over the BBC, is it any wonder Charles Moore was aggrieved on Question time? To be the only Brexiteer on a panel in a town that voted remain, with an audience of remain. A town chosen to assist or influence the various house of commons votes during a busy Brexit week perhaps. If you doubt this, that particular week’s questiontime was moved from Bolton to Dulwich.

On the BBC website they describe their mandate under the heading values:


  • Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest. 
  • Audiences are at the heart of everything we do. 
  • We take pride in delivering quality and value for money. 
  • Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation. 
  • We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best. 
  • We are one BBC: great things happen when we work together. 

Is the BBC Licence Fee, our money going to a foreign power to build influence?

Perhaps a look at our payments to the BBC through the Licence fee. Perhaps a second glance. For sure, they like the government are not respecting their shareholders you the great British public.

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Sophie Ridge on Sunday interview with Tony Blair.

My my how spin works, Mr Blair seriously believes his own rhetoric. He refers to Nigel Farage as extreme right party, supported by the right wing of the Conservatives in the guise of Boris Johnson. Mr Blair we have a benchmark for the far right he is Tommy Robinson who UKIP dance with, to label Nigel and Boris as extreme right for wanting what’s best for Great Britain is absurd. Just as the Democrats tried to label Donald Trump extreme right, when in fact he is demonstrating himself left of centre as indeed Nigel is in reality. 

Confront as a Bilderberg member

It is a ridiculous for Tony Blair to discuss the vast investment into our health services, infrastructure during his reign. Of course, they found the money to do this, and they created an excellent period of growth. But! They sold all of our gold at a ridiculously low price in which to fund their extravaganza. Great for them, but bad for the future of Great Britain. Refer to my blogs on the imbalances in our economy the asset sales that we have to make to just stand still. To read these articles and blogs you will see why he is wrong when he says the EU is good for the labour heartlands. I would counter the EU cares not one jot for UK engineering nor manufacturing. Since 1973 they have cherry picked our industries, it is only through the fortitude of Margaret Thatcher that we were able to maintain a strong position. Subsequent PMs have acquiesced demeaning the great British Spirit, none have done this better than Major, Blair, Cameron and May. 

I do hope you enjoy my blog, I am really not comfortable for the contempt we are held, the position of influence that people have and the way they use this to abuse us the Great British hard-working honest folk. If you like please show your appreciation click the like button, share or comment good or bad. It motivates me to write more. 

I should point out, I have no paid affiliation to any party, I have however, paid my £25 to support the Brexit party. My reason for doing this is simple. I feel for:

1. The disillusioned across the Med countries
2. It upsets me to see the EU demanding more sovereign powers
3. It concerns me when Catalonia called for their independence that they were quelled with such brutal force, for that could be us when the EU army is brought into play.
4. I feel for our industrial areas 
5. Our Fishing towns.
6. The rich getting richer, the middle being squeezed and the rest undercut by low cost workers.
The EU demands more sovereign powers

There are many more reasons, vested interests etc.

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Nigel Saywell-Lee  


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