European Union leave band

Brexit, Frexit, Nexit and Dexit a modern band of loyal, patriotic believers. They believe in themselves and their people. The Globalist cannot break our, or their spirit!


Brexit, Frexit, Dexit & Nexit the new kids on the block.

There’s a new pop group coming to a town near you, it’s not a boy band nor a girl band but it is a Millennial band of some significance. Four members more may soon join, the lead singer is Brexit on drums is Dexit, Base Nexit, synthesizer Frexit, guest appearances Italexit for sure.   The elite, and I include the BBC in this would have us believe all is rosy in the European Union garden, when in reality it is far from it.

The aspiration of a stable environment on which the EU was founded, to prevent fascism from ever rising across the European Union again. Just look to many factions, behaviours across Europe today. We have the AFd emerging in Germany, from nowhere to 96 seats in the Bundestag. The far right in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary, we can see the behaviours of Spain, during the brutal put down of Catalonia. Enhanced more brutally across all regions of France with the vile attack by the authorities on the Gilets Jaunes, yellow vests.

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Fascism grows in Donald Tusk’s European Union.

Fascism lives perfectly well under the watchful eye of Donald Tusk’s Europe. But still the European Union plough on with their ideological policies in the hope that one day their project will come of age. Perhaps they’re right in 100 years or so there will indeed be a cohesive Europe a type of utopia. But that utopia will come in the form depicted in the film “Giver 2014.”  Creativity will have ceased, our bodies will excrete plastic molecules, our seas rancid with dead fish, dead from mercury, and arsenic pollution caused by the money men and women. But the European project will continue, why because it will have abandoned its very founding principles to prevent fascism. It will have developed armies to keep its citizens in check, what you see in France, Spain their brutal practices this will roll out across Europe. God help us all!  

Millennials have emerged and the European Union is not their preference.


Have you noticed how the elites have now stopped parading Brexit as an old person’s selfish dream, a desire from the walking dead so to speak. How they espoused numbers that have since died, and the young should now be given a vote. Why is this? This is simple the young across the European Union have suffered more than most, they make up the highest unemployed in many countries, they are truly the forgotten people.  A decade after the global financial crisis, the EU’s have a continuing high youth unemployment rate of 16.7%, with figures as high as 35%, 38.7%, and 43.3% in Italy, Spain and Greece?

France has seen a lurch to the right with Marine Le Pen picking up substantial members from what is the Millennial category. “The failure of the right to do something, and the failure of the left to change anything makes Marine Le Pen the person who represents change” Sebastian Faustini 18 years old Marine Le Pen activist. For sure Macron’s days are numbered there’s a new kid on the block in the shape of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen smiles demurely as she claims the EU policies are threatening France’s millennial culture, whole communities are in the grip of extremism and criminality.

The Face of the future for France Marion Maráchal-Le Pen.


Petite 27 years old girl, blonde hair tied into a ponytail, she looks like an ordinary young French working mother, the sort of elegantly efficient woman with whom you might organize a school run. This is the face of France today a Millennial culture bent on changing the playing field removing the disruptive authoritarianism emanating from the European Union dictatorship.   Germany, by all accounts a beneficiary of the Euro as German enterprises mopped up Europe’s currency. Greedy as they are they sat on the funds invested little in Europe, suppressed their employees with low wages. In 10 years from 2008 Finland’s salaries increased over 32% German salaries around 14%.To compound the issue the doors have been flung open to the Arab and Pakistan world communities, enticing a German life of riches and prosperity, why? For cheap labour! Dexit for sure is a goal of the people, disenfranchised by big business underpinned by authoritarian European dictatorship. A German public for sure would be concerned by black clad European police in full combat gear sweeping across their streets as we move through this Millennium.

The policies followed by the EU, the ideology adopted have disenfranchised whole communities, while demographics across the European member states. Look to Greece 43% unemployed below the age of 25. Spain, Italy, Portugal soon to follow France all have a high unemployment in this demographic. The European Union is a club for the rich, and powerful whose mouthpiece is Blair, Soros and the bully boys of the EU. The only reason there is no Grexit is because they are saddled with Euro debt, and we better hope there is no Grexit whereby they leave the Euro for their default would rock the economies of the world. For now the young they have no hope, can only leave Greece in the hope of a better time outside but, they will meet stiff competition as the EU have found a cheaper source to keep their factories going and their wallets full.

Mikael Gorbachev, Mark his Words perhaps one of the last great statesmen.

It was Mikael Gorbachev who said “The European Union is the Soviet Union in western clothes.”   We will rue the day if May and her gang of inadequate vested MPs thwart the “Will of the People.”   My money is on:    Nigel Farage, Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini, Marion Maráchal-Le Pen, Alice Weidel. For it is they that will restore our freedom, removing the threat of state tyranny that would be a club worth joining. Sadly though with our structure as time moves on, money will again talk, and this period will need, yet another visit.  


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