Damn Juncker Brexit Lies?

Come On Juncker Your Vision Is Really Foggy, too much wine and song

Conservative Members Club 1922 Committee

How out of touch can you become? Nearly all the candidates for Tory leadership advocate delay Brexit! How absurd is that? If that is not a sure indication that party politics is all about party then I don’t know what is? Boris I’m really not comfortable with for the same reason as most my guess as he voted for May’s deal for the colonization of Great Britain.

Grandiose names mean what exactly? 1922 Committee, led by Sir Ian Brady. An archaic name referring to David Lloyd George’s conservatives separating from the liberal coalition in 1922. Lovely name and inline with the UK’s rich progressive history of pomp and circumstance. However, on reading the detail of yet another attempt to remove Mrs May from office, granting just 24 hours for her to detail a timeline for her departure. It would appear she is being asked to sever her leadership of the party and not the country. Well no change there then? She has already by de facto suspended her leadership of the conservatives since her abdication of brexit to Jeremy Corbyn.

European Union Jean Claude Juncker

I read yesterday that Jean Claude Juncker regrets that they did not get involved to dispel the lies that were given by the Leave advocates. Guess what? As he did so the picture of the red bus and the NHS claims were splashed across his back drop.   Forgive me, is this the only so called lie. For me this was never a lie it reads like a suggestion and why not raise it as a suggestion? It is perfectly feasible. Jean Claude the lies came solely from the remain camp. Lie: 500,000 unemployed just on the vote, this was a whopper regarding misinformation purely intended to scare. Fact: The UK enjoys the best employment growth of any EU country. Lie: Foreign Direct Investment would drive the UK to that of a banana republic. Fact: The UK has enjoyed the best FDI, better than that of any developed nation and have done every year since the vote. Surely our intrepid chancellor George Osborne has more than gut feel in which he based his lies, or was this coffee shop scare stories to dupe us perceived dimwits.

Nigel Farage For PM, most certainly a seat at the table.

The news this week refers to the sober manner in which Nigel Farage is now conducting himself. Forgive me, for me he has displayed utter professionalism throughout his tenure within our lives, he is after all one of us. His only crime, believing the pledges given by the conservatives that the referendum was a once in a lifetime vote, whatever is decided will be honoured, it is you the people who will decide whether we stay or go. There you are Jean Claude add this to your list of lies, that need investigation.   Three years on, and we are still going around the issue of leaving or leaving in what is the favoured Conservative, labour alliance choice; to leave in name only, and hope us stupid people of the United Kingdom do not notice.  Well we will!

WTO Media Shock Rebranding No Deal, Crash Out as an innocuous WTO rules.. Honestly get real.

The news carried a story this week that Nigel Farage is now re-branding no deal as a WTO deal. Get real media people. This was always a WTO deal. Before people shout that our WTO membership is through the offices of the EU, they are wrong, the UK is a founding father of WTO and still holds its seat at the table. WTO is perfectly fine.   On the Sophie Ridge Sunday show Nigel makes a good point, Mrs May’s deal was ultimately supported by Boris and by Dominic Raab, he left out Jacob perhaps out of respect for his sister. However, as a great supporter of those three individuals, I too was disappointed in their acquiescence of Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement and have expressed this in recent blogs. I believe they did themselves a great disservice in succumbing@.

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Scottish Referendum.

Yesterday, I discussed the Scottish, second referendum, I received comments to my blog on social media reminding me that most Scots do not reflect Nicola Sturgeons aspirations. One in particular expressed disappointment at me for peddling such stuff within my blog. First, I am pleased to here the majority would like to see this subject dropped. But, consider or use empathy here, the rhetoric coming from your de facto leader is that of hatred for all things English and it is your leader that has the podium and your leader was put in place by the majority. I therefore suggest that you vent your frustration at your Holyrood house parliament.  I for one would like to see the Union remain I have never once in my life considered us as anything other than one country.  

Prince Charles and his German Lineage.

Prince Charles advocating the preservation of our relationship with Germany. I fail to see why us leaving the EU will cause hostility to break out between our two nations, they are not mutually exclusive. However, I do realize the historic bonds that exist royally but Prince Charles be careful you are walking a thin line between vested interest and that of the greater good.  We already have one individual versed in this self-serving behaviour, Tony Blair. Also, let’s not forget that is a Rabbit hole your Uncle went down he barely surfaced as a result. As a royalist I to am concerned! When you take the throne the monarchy will be on very tenuous links, best not to rock the boat!   

Brexit Future

Damn Juncker Brexit Lies?

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