*Brexit, Climate and Extinction

Brexit Dominates, Climate Takes Form, Extinction Looms. What do they have in common: Those that can can’t, our politicians are impotent.

I wrote this blog a few weeks ago, but it is as current today as it was then. Climate is not going away anytime soon indeed not till we set a 50-year plan to reduce the population. Try as we like on emissions, and we should try until we have birth control it is futile.


Many distractions in the news today. Namely, the birth of the new Prince, somewhat late and in no hurry to join the thronging Brexit masses. We wish Meghan, Prince Harry and their new born son a wonderful healthy life. 

Climate change a tragedy of our life, populations urgently need to be reduced if we are to survive. 

The other significant news is of course the mass extinction of many species. Species that form an integral part of our food chain.  Seas that are too polluted to swim let alone eat from, cities uninhabitable, deserts encroaching on human habitats, humans swamping natures hinterlands. We talk about climate change, we talk about mass extinction, we talk about carbon emissions! When all the time the issue is right in front of our face.  It can be solved easily, over 50 years or so, stop having babies! Reduce the population! Meanwhile, use paper straws, burn fewer fossils fuels, stop cheating on your emissions Germany!

Brexit and the trivialization of the term “Will of the people”

Other news; of course Brexit related. We have spent three years demeaning, ridiculing the great British brexit voting public. Finding ways to trivialize the “Will Of The People”, labelling dissenting voices as Xenophobic, uneducated individuals. In reality the dissenting voices are not dissenting at all they are on the right side of this, as history will attest.  

Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orban and Jörg Meuthen, all have seen what Blair and May refuse to see.

There is a quiet revolution taking place; and it’s right across Europe. Matteo Salvini is campaigning for the far right to take the MEP seats in the EU parliament. His concern; the European continent will soon become an Islamic caliphate. One has to ask why do we have concerns with Islam? I recently joined a FB group regarding Brexit that question was asked, “do I have a Problem with Islam?,” not do I have a problem with Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist only Islam! Why is that?  

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Will of the people

However, I digress the big story we are missing as they, the blairites and May’s attempt to thwart the WILL of the people in the most divisive way, is this? Three years the elite, the vested parties have tried to overturn the result, three years we have been consumed by Brexit, three years we have missed the great stories that surround us. They are in fact three-fold. 

  1. Italy are pushing further to the right, they are rebelling the EU doctrine, they’re forming 3rd party relationship, often against the guidance of our EU masters. They are closing in on deals with the Chinese, looking more and more to far off economies for their future. Because what they’ve seen is what the Blair’s refuse to accept is there is economic revolution going on in the Asia region, I have been banging on for many years about the Asia age, or better re-emergence. Resurgence, they dominated the economic scene once before, admittedly around 500 BC. Soon Asia will hold four of the top five economies of the world. We through remainer and May’s negligence are missing this! Indeed, we are even anti making the effort to understand it. One commentator said, we need to reduce our carbon footprint and cannot travel to Asia. Asia starts at Turkey! For that I say; it is a cop out, we send our prawns to be shelled in Thailand. Incidentally you should read my blog – our shellfish are being swapped with shellfish from toxic seas, they are replaced by highly toxic Mercury and Arsenic infused prawns and shell fish.
  2. Germany, the AFD, here again I have highlighted the progress of the AFD as they emerged from nowhere to have gained 13% of the national vote, seating 96 MPs. Be under no illusion Germany wants Dexit! This is an irony given the success of their economy albeit its future longevity is coming under scrutiny. German people has not benefited from the German corporations’ ability to mop up the Euros, for the Germans have had the lowest pay increases across the block, over ten years half that of Finland. If ever you saw an example of elitism at play for sure it is within the Deutsch land. 
  3. Asia, Asia is growing, Asia is not phased by Trumps America nor are they in awe of the EU and Brexit Shenanigans. They are quietly knuckling down and building empire that will make the European Union a dwarf as it stifles its own growth and destroys hope for the young across the Med. 

Hungary, no stranger to controversy, Viktor Orban frequently lambasted for his anti EU adherence to all things that we consider wrong with European values, but unlike the French we adhere too nonetheless. Viktor Orban no stranger to being ostracized, sued, stoned metaphorically during trips to Strasbourg, to which his reply is always the same “I think I should stop now, and start again.”

History will show Brexit saved us from certain collapse

Be aware remainers. When Historians write about this period they will show that the Brexiteers were on the right side, for the Blairite disciples are indeed a parochial bunch, who are being used to further Blair’s career, Bilderberg agenda and wealth.   By the time we in the UK finish fighting ourselves allowing the elites and their army of parochial followers, the EU will have imploded. They will implode for all the reasons we have brexited.  

Scottish Referendum! As a Brit I don’t need to be told twice I’m not loved, with some effort you can work through it once, but not twice!

A Scottish referendum could indeed be a welcome reprieve for us burdened by Scottish infatuation with spending English, Welsh and Northern Ireland taxes for we subsidize every Scot to the tune of £1000. Scotland could well cede from the UK, but to whom do they turn to carry their social needs, for sure the EU not. Let’s not forget, to be told your partner wants a divorce is sad, but to be told twice, there is no way back. Scotland could well cede from the 360-year bond, they took our English gold then in the words of Rabbie Burns, “Scotland was bought and sold with English Gold.” But the £ we will keep!  

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Inquiries are Good Mr Brown

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Nigel Saywell-Lee 


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