Mrs May’s Brexit from the European Union

The are many satirical views as to the changes that have occured during Mrs May’s negotiation with the EU. But, was it ever a negotiation, or was it just a delaying tactic in the hope the Great British public would surrender and remain subservient to the wim of the monied elite.


What a weekend for news. The BBC likely to face an enquiry over its bias against brexit. Mrs May claim that any agreement with labour can be discarded by any new leader. New agreement on leaving the EU imminent. Rory Stewart dubious claims that 80% of the electorate would support Mrs May’s deal. Sadiq Khan our intrepid Major of London snubbed at the Trump Royal event.   With such an eclectic mix of claims and counterclaims one can only wonder what’s next. My money’s on Thor son of Odin being the next Prime Minister of the Westminster Asgard Parliament. For sure Loki played by Rory Stewart is up to no good, plotting his ascendancy to take the throne of Westminster. 

Rory Stewart Sorry For His Maths

BBC alternatively the Brexit Bashing Club

A petition has now reached 100,000 signatures demanding the BBC be investigated for its bias against Brexit. Over 70 MPs have now called for further investigation demanding Ofcom look into whether the BBC have breached their mandate as an independent objective broadcaster. Let’s not forget a couple of points here.     

  1. Being; €258M in soft loans have been given to the BBC from the European Union in just over 5 years. This transparency came about after what was known as the Early Day Motion (EDM #791) passed in the house of Commons. Brought to the house by six MPs supported by a further six MPs. The motion reads: ” That this House notes that soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the last five years were paid by the EU to the BBC; Parliament believes that such payments compromise the independence and objectivity of the BBC on EU issues “.
  2. Here, what you see is only 5 years, the EDM was passed in 2008 what is the true amount?

For sure Charles Moore protestations on Questiontime regarding the BBC bias against Brexit are not without merit.  This particular show appeared to directly influence key votes in the House during a tumultuous week in British politics. Bolton was the original venue a leave constituency, the show was moved to Dulwich, a remain constituency where the BBC could ensure attendance of remain supporters would be present. The result Charles Moore the only Brexit supporting panellist. Now, for me as a fan of Fiona Bruce I was disappointed with her put down of Charles. But this is nothing new and no doubt the EU will continue the flow of our money into the coffers of the BBC. This reminds me of Consultancy, whereby a consultant is called in to a company, they then borrow your watch to tell you the time, but then keep the watch!   

Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn attempt an alliance, Strictly Come Dancing produces eminent brexit party politician.

Perhaps May and Corbyn Could perform the pasa doble, it would be difficult to spot the bull, who will meet the tragic end. 

Not wishing to court favour with Jeremy Corbyn but I think I would be aghast at negotiating fiercely only to have Mrs May brief the press that any deal she does with Labour can be revoked by a future PM. I really wonder what course she took to hone her incredible negotiation skills. Personally I am pleased to hear that such a back door exists to use an Huawei term.

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David Lammy if you believe the independent, which in today’s climate is surely credible.

Staying with Labour the independent ran a story referring to David Lammy as the next leader of Labour, I assume it was a satirical piece. But, I’m open to being told that it is snowing on the South Downs in August. But of course no story of this ilk should be left out there in isolation, as a brexiteer I can already hear shouts of Xenophobia. Such an absurd term particularly as my wife is a foreign national although I am the foreigner in her country which is where we live. She is also a women of intelligence, astonished by the UK shenanigans. However, no story of this type should pass without balance, it therefore brings me nicely to the Conservative leader in waiting Rory Stewart, a man who believes the polls even when they are run in his dreams. 

Sadiq Khan at least Boris Johnson’s legacy was boris bikes, Sadiq khan, his is knife crime.

I have to finish on Sadiq Khan and the queens snub. There’s only one thing to say here… GOOD!  

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Nigel Saywell-Lee   


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