The EU army will make the UK another Catalonia

Is it even feasible to have an EU army, particularly when it is proposed by Macron that it should be able defend against American invasion. How ridiculous is that when all the threats come from the East?

Trump calls Macron’s comments on building a European army to defend against US ‘insulting’.


We should all by now be concerned, Mrs May had no intention of leaving the EU cleanly that much is clear.  Indeed, in the name of the referendum she intended to superglue us to the EU with a treaty, such that we can never dare to exercise our sovereign right again.

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The EU Army capable of quelling internal rebellion who will keep them from Dover?

The EU will soon have an EU army, it has a flag, it has an anthem, and it has a President. For anyone who thinks Gavin Williamson was sacked over the leak of Huawei papers, papers that did not qualify as secret or classified, Gavin was sacked because he would not agree to the EU army. Therefore, would not sign up to a defense pack. The defense pack is like the ERM was to the Euro it’s a prelude to the army. 

In agreeing this, the UK will become to the European Union like Catalonia is to Spain with any future rebellion crushed by the very forces we kept from Dover in the 40s. Is this what we want? Sadly, perhaps like most I put a great deal of hope in the capabilities of JRM and Boris in the hope they would stand on the way and prevent this catastrophic sell out of a magnitude that would make Bad king John rise from his tomb in Worcester Cathedral. That was not to be as they both voted in favour of succumbing to a colonial power taking control after a passive war, or in other words a peacetime surrender. 

Conservative and Labour losses at the Local Elections

It is right that we did not heed the protestations of Boris and vote Conservative for the local elections. In the absence of credible adult parties we had no choice but to vote liberal democrat. Before Vince scream success he should watch or read the 1598 play by Shakespeare “much ado about nothing”, for sure they will be rejected at the Altar of the EU parliament, the metaphorical love affair of the Brexit party will weigh much stronger.  Saviour your victory Vince, collect the bins and keep the street lights burning. Power takes many forms that can be exercised through recycling bringing residents to task should plastic be found in organic rubbish.    I fear our politics have plummeted to a depth I have never seen before, perhaps not, just maybe it has always been like this! In which case it is good that it has been exposed, for blackmail, bullying is not the way to sell out your country due to the ideals of individuals or vested interests. 

The UK is a Great Nation with a rich history, its global reach is still to this day of significance. We are welcomed even revered by many cultures throughout the world. We have a rich upwardly mobile commonwealth of nations of which our Queen is still the head. These nations have economies that many EU members would dearly love to have. We should stand tall for we are tall, our army is the 5th largest, highly trained, and respected throughout the world. Our Gurkha’s an integral part of the British army by all accounts a feared and fearless regiment of our design “better to die than be a coward” their motto lived by over the years. Is this what we want to hand off to a foreign power who just a few decades previous we fought from our shores. Is this Churchill’s wish? I think not!

The EU was once a Force for good keeping Fascism from emerging, yet now it is the very catalyst

The EU upon formation encapsulated a force for good, the basis for its inception was always to prevent fascism ever being seen in Europe again. Indeed, such a success it became, Germany in its early years acquiesced its sovereignty, recognizing their inability to harness their right wing parties. But, look around the right is rising, fascism is again knocking at the door.  The very principles the EU was founded on are now acting as the very catalyst for fascism to breed. Germany’s AFD have come from nowhere they have now 96 seats in the German Parliament. 500 AFD delegates recently met to strategies their approach/strategy for the MEPs to be nominated for the EU elections. If, the EU still believe no change is needed then they are sorely mistaken.  

Tommy Robinson All shaken 

The Face of the future should Parliament continue its vested behaviour

Mrs May and the EU farce has bred individuals such as Tommy Robinson right of even the right! His skirmish over the milkshake will win him no favours, but let’s not forget John Prescott as he waded into an egg thrower during a walk about. Feisty if nothing else, for I too would have been Peeved!    Then you have the articulate Marine Le Penn 2nd in the presidential race to be the queen of France, for sure a lot of people must wish she had won, boy King Macron has no presence or substance just blind arrogance.    I will again leave this bog here for today and hope you enjoy my scribbles. Please share, like and or comment.  

P.S. Yesterday, I became a Brexit party supporter please do not see this as a bias in any favour. I try to be objective and where possible back up my notes with facts.

I use humour and emotion to make for a better read.

To all I wish a very good weekend!  


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