Mrs May Continues in Office

Waving her withdrawal agreement like the sword of Damocles.

The good ship Mrs May’s lollipop, 1st mate Jeremy Corbyn

Mrs May sets sail for pastures new! She has hoisted her main sail, enlisted her crew assigned her 1st mate, Jeremy Corbyn and last seen heading in the direction of Lenin’s tomb. On-route to retrace the hostile flow of Queen Victoria, with a trip up the Yangtze, accept this time to pay homage to Chairman Mao whose corpse corrodes within its purpose built mausoleum, situated in Tiananmen square. 

Mrs May decision on Huawei is not safe.

I once took my children to Tiananmen square and experienced Chinese acute loaded marketing practices. Kite sellers were there on mass, it was a clear day with the wind high perfect for such a venture.  Kites were bought duly unwrapped to find no string. Looking around was a toothless Chinese trader selling string, in sealed packets, which I had no choice to buy so I haggled and purchased. The deal was done the trader quickly blended with the crowd, the packet unsealed only 20ft (ca. 6 m) of string! Low and behold another courteous grinning trader moved alongside. Sensing 3 attempts was enough he finally sold me a sensible length of string. The whole episode cost very little in reality and was really quite amusing. But! Can they be trusted? I don’t think that can be answered by the exploits of a kite trader.  Having spent some time in China, on the whole the people are lovely but  they are commercially adept and live for the moment.

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It’s not in their interest to be concerned about our security

Within business circles it is for sure a concern when doing business in China, IP means little, relationship are initially forged until copies of the product can be produced. Classic example, of course the Range Rover Evoque with the Land Wind X7. So to Huawei, we should consider our Huawei own security service intelligence, the US protestations, Vodafone’s own experience of inherent back doors in Huawei equipment, add in concerns from other countries and their avoidance of anything Huawei, one wonders what incentive Mrs May has to open yet another front of contention.  

The Party for change is a misrepresentation in so many ways.

  The party for change, a name which is a misnomer considering they want to stop change, should they be forced to rename as the name does not reflect their intent. Just as veggie burgers have to be called veggie discs in order that we, the stupid public do not misconstrue their intent. Unlike veggie burgers the party for change reflects their muddled thinking and blind arrogance, but, it also reflects on us because in truth they no longer have legitimacy as they have abandoned not just their manifesto but their constituency post. Why do we accept this?  For the same reason we accept Mrs May abandoning her manifesto, her party, telling us lies and blackmailing the many Mark Oaten type MPs to support her deal, and then joining with the Marxist left. Jeremy Corbyn is our de facto PM, such an arrangement is a history first. But we accept!  

Tony Blair is an embarrassment he has profited too much.

  Tony Blair continues to denigrate himself whilst believing he is denigrating the Great British public.  The man who fabricated and embellished a lie to take us to war on a Cheney profiteering exercise which my guess he stood to benefit. A man who became the Middle East peace envoy. Well what can you say here. Under his watch we’ve had more wars with devastating consequences right across the Arab world. But that’s ok the war machine brings dollars and dollars makes for a happy Tony. Depending on your point of view you could call his period a success or a failure. But, for sure when Tony Blair is in the loop the little guy never benefits!  

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party, I intend to become a member.

My intention today is to join the Brexit Party. Not because I want to shove it to the incumbent two party system but because they want to shove it to us! For me this whole exercise has been an eye-opener and one wonders following Johnny Mercer’s “have I got news for you” revelation, one wonders just how bad our politics is and how weak we have become. Starting in recent times with John Major’s bullying of the Lisbon treaty an event that ushered in the beginning of the erosion of our sovereignty.  

Prime Minister Abe as a leader of a nation it is not your business to keep passing ill-advised advice to the Great British folk.

Prime minister Abe is anti Brexit… guess what he is a Bilderberg he attended the last meeting.

We constantly hear protestations from Japan in regard to our need to be aligned with Europe. Well PM Abe, perhaps its time that you seek to heal the many Japanese rifts starting with the defenceless 15year old young farm girls whom your armies promised wonderful factory jobs and then caged them to service 100s of Japanese soldiers on a daily basis. They were known as “Chilinpa”. Their purpose was to provide sex in the most brutal fashion, In order that a soldier can feel empowered going into battle. For those women they were forever tarnished and remained third class citizens throughout their often short lives. Mr Abe your country was wrong when you interfered in our Euro membership insisting we should join. You are wrong now, sit back and enjoy the ride.   Thank you for reading please like, share and comment.        


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