Mrs May A Bloody Difficult Woman?

Mrs May and Gavin Williamson

I think it’s safe to say Mrs May is a “bloody difficult woman” but, who’d thought that Jean Claude Juncker would be able to use it to his advantage such that he has. 

Whilst Gavin Williamson has little to do with Jean Claude, he has faced the blind arrogance of this woman, unable to listen regardless of whether National Security is at risk. 

Huawei Spying and the UK! 

For years Huawei’s capabilities have been thrown into question. From the US intelligence services, to the UK’s even across the globe to the Philippines. All have voiced concerns. We can go one better Huawei internet equipment has backdoors built into it. This is not me saying this, this is from Vodafone’s own investigations. In Vodafone’s network across Italy Huawei had capability to access Vodafone’s network. In other words eavesdrop or access any data or any call or indeed any person within earshot of a Vodafone mobile whether in use or not, any voice or data passing over this network. Vodafone in January 2011 researched their telnet network discovering backdoors in their Wider Area Network “WAN”, they asked Huawei to remove these backdoors, Huawei verbally complied. On further testing it was found the backdoors giving access to China’s intelligence services, cyber departments still existed. Following a further complaint Huawei have refused to remove these access points for their access! To this day those backdoors exist!

China’s ambitions hegmony?

Maybe that’s not a big deal for most, but, what is China’s goal here? Its simple hegemony! At some point in time China will have destroyed its ability to feed and sustain itself. The Gobi desert is increasing, worst encapsulating arable lands at a rate of 2500 miles (ca 4023 Km )  per year. Water, china has a quarter of the worlds’ population, yet it has 7% of the worlds’ water! That is the same amount of water that America has. China’s population is five times that of America. The issue is really now very acute in the northern provinces where half of China’s population live but only 15% of their water resides. 

Gavin Williamson leaked the data?

Whether he did or it was someone else it is right that it should have been exposed, she needs to listen! Resolve is strength, stubbornness is weakness. Even China themselves have threatened America during trade discussion, to unleash spying across the world’s telecoms networks.
Eric Evenchick, Principal Research Consultant at Atredis Partners, a U.S. based cybersecurity firm. Evenchick called the situation with Huawei’s equipment “very concerning.”

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I recently spoke about Huawei’s “Entertainment” practises it is not beyond the realms of being possible that industry gurus have benefited either financially or in kind. Kind for sure, is a practise within Shenzhen.

The Philippines 

A country that lives within the confines of the South China sea, keen not to rock its giant neighbours boat, has also expressed concerns, fears as to the access Huawei have to its networks. The National police (PNP) have been instructed to further review their use of Huawei as a sponsor for anti-cybercrime. 
It’s no secret, the US’s conclusions and their desire to limit Huawei access to their networks or indeed their intelligence. Given the info we have its perhaps right that the US should withdraw intelligence sharing with its allies if they’re cavalier with their security. We know from many papers and Vodafone’s experience there is a possibility that China could access this data. 
Recently I wrote a blog in regard to China’s Belt And Road Scheme, given the damage they have done to their own country we are embracing this scheme with our eye’s closed. As a good friend of mine once said “China’s Belt and Road will bring economic benefits, its primary reason is to give them a way out of China”.
To come back to Mrs May, one wonders what her goal is or whether she has a vested interest in the EU project. She seems hell-bent to keep us permanently locked into the EU with all their regulations, laws and silly undemocratic rules. She is on course to destroy Robert Peels Conservatives, and now determined to set sail away from the USA. 
Jean Claude Juncker must think all his Christmas’ have come at once. Open another bottle of St Emillion Premier Gran Cru Jean Claude!

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