Donald Trump You’re Welcome To Visit Our Sceptre Isle

Dear President Trump

It is with this historic atmosphere that I write to you in the hope that you and your fellow country men and women will not tarnish the United Kingdom during what is our infantile period.  Sad that we should have such a period whilst Elizabeth II is still on the throne, but that aside. 

It’s embarrassing to ingratiate oneself to another, but I feel on this occasion one should do just that. I have always enjoyed our shared life together, our common language, our support of each other during difficult periods. It is no secret how you, we have helped us, each other during difficult times and I hope, 3we can again should the need ever arise. Although, I and I’m sure others would agree the Iraq war was a misguided endeavour. 
UK politicians 

I believe it is fair to say that our politicians do not represent us, any disdain they show for you or your office, it is not represented across the good people of the United Kingdom. You can take comfort that such individuals will not play a part in the future of the United Kingdom come the next election.

I will make a special mention of Jeremy Corbyn as here is a man who is polar opposite of you, his country is never first. I am pleased he has declined to have dinner with you during your state banquet! Why? Because it is beneath you to mix with such a tyrant and I for one, am sure I speak for many, do not wish him upon you or any other decent upstanding person. 

Queen Victoria’s Resolute Desk


I do have a suggestion which I hope reaches your eyes and ears. Our Parliament is under siege, it has been taken over by poorly performing self invested individuals with low morals and ethics. The speaker of the house sees you as some kind of threat. You see the speaker is under the dark cloud who demonstrates himself to be a bully. It is for this reason that I suggest, reject, should it come an invitation to address parliament in favour of addressing the oppressed and forgotten people of the United Kingdom. Can I suggest, a suitable venue to do this would be from Buckingham Palace whilst sitting at the “resolute” desk, which you would know is one of a pair. I believe such a venue would be much more fitting an event for a man of your importance and stature. 

Sir, our Parliament is one of our great institutions, as you know we have a rich history and one that we as British are proud of. However, the low morals that exist in our Parliament are laid bare. For Mrs May to increase support for her capitulation to the European Union she has resorted to Blackmail, now we all remember the Mark Oaten, rent boy affair! One can only assume such skeletons are prevalent as the sale of our Great Nation was nearly achieved. 

Huawei and 5G

This brings me to the Huawei affair. Huawei are known within the industry for their “entertainment” strategy. MPs, when visiting or indeed industry professionals are treated royally, staying in the best hotels. Frequently, I’m told a knock will come at the hotel door where several girls,  baoni will be presented, maybe boys as well. It is with this in mind that the decision to open our network may well be tinged with corruption or worse blackmail. For sure this decision should be analysed if the evidence of spying can be proven. As a telecoms professional I can attest there is no better medium for covert activity.  Read more here
President Trump, I, and I am sure others are disgusted by the baby blimp trolling London during your last visit, it seems it will be dragged out for the next. Please forgive our Mayor he suffers perhaps from the short man disease. Insecure, in need of support from his dubious buddies, perhaps the same buddies Corbyn has.  Please take this with a pinch of salt it really is a poor reflection on those involved many of which are millennials who know not what they do.
I do hope your trip is a success please be assured you are most welcome to visit. I do hope you enjoy your trip to your hlinc’s / links in Scotland. 
Best regards 
The Adults amongst us



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