Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage

The Dynamic Duo To The Rescue and they will both be in the EU Parliament.


Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage A Strictly Serious Pair.

I am always amused by Verhaufstadt, his many protestations regarding Brexit and the UK! I find it amusing that the smallest boy in the room can push the biggest around, he does it with such a flamboyant air.  

Well, well what a difference a day makes! Ann Widdecombe debut on stage with the Brexit Party. A rousing speech rallying the troops to bring a semblance of normality to the political quagmire that surrounds Westminster. Way to go Ann I’m with you all the way. Superb speech!

Donald Trump’s State Visit

Yesterday, my blog was regarding Donald Trump’s visit, I am pleased it reached a record number of shares, likes, and reads. This has given me hope to the theory that it is the few who were disrupting the masses.  A few misguided millennial’s, razzed up by a Mayor of dubious patriotism, building his form of Hitler’s youth. But, if they must parade a blimp around screaming like a child in the sweet section of Tesco’s, we should ensure that Donald Trump appreciates the adults that are remaining in this society. Like the man or not he is a patriot! Our last patriotic leader sadly has now died Mrs Thatcher. John Major most certainly was not. The debacle of the EU started and finished with John Major, his bullying the Lisbon treaty through the house, refusing a free vote, using blackmail to coerce MP’s to sign away our sovereignty. In the actions of Rupert Murdoch it’s a big thumb down to John Mayor! 

Order of our time Blackmail

Just how much have we lost due to this propensity to use illegal tactics in order to bully an unfavourable piece of legislation through the house ultimately passing into law. 

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Tony Blair and the David Kelly Affair

Tony Blair, desperate to ingratiate himself with Dick Cheney’s puppet, Bush junior. For those who have not seen the film “Vice” it’s worth a watch. For then, you will understand what the Iraq war was really about! It was not about ideology, terrorism or even  WMD, it was 1st and last about dividing up Iraq’s oilfields . Dividing them between the conglomerates of Cheney’s friends, not least Halliburton. Let’s not forget under Blair’s watch, David Kelly “committed suicide” whilst out walking on a lonely Oxfordshire country path. Shame, he was standing on the way of truth, there being no WMDs in Iraq! I guess that knowledge died with him. Iraq was invaded with the loss of 179 servicemen and women from the British arm forces. Why? So Blair could support Cheney to control the oil? Obviously the plan failed, ISIS was born, and countless British lives have been lost since! I can only wonder; were the Russians in recent times the first to use assassination on British soil. Is Blair like Corbyn complicit in an atrocity, but this one waged in Oxfordshire? 

No WMD but it’s ok chaos prevails.

Ironically Gordon Brown, whilst a reported bully did demonstrate that he truly cared about the UK. But sadly his life as a chancellor putting an end to boom and bust played its part in creating the biggest bust ever.   

The Rest Of The Dubious Few

Cameron, well here we had a rabbit in UKIP’s headlights, but he did care for the Brits albeit the one’s with trust funds he made sure they enjoyed a tax-free status. I wonder how many Brits have trust funds? Of course, we know he did, it was revealed in the Panama papers.   Mrs May, really nothing to say Ann widdecombe summed it up in her speech in Wales last night: The worst PM in the history of the Conservatives. From such a revered source Mrs May should now resign.    Alistair Campbell would like us to believe Brexiteers have made the UK a joke throughout the world. Indeed, an Australian friend recently said to me; Are you not ashamed to be English?. To answer Alistair, I’m ashamed of my Government, I’m ashamed of parochial individuals who have no clue as to the wider world, who see only individual vested interests to harness us to the failing EU project. Individuals with the help of arch remainer May talking down to us as though we are stupid. History will write, Brexiteers were the true visionaries, the smartest people of Britain. So label us all you like it is all you have as an argument. Margaret Thatcher said; “When they start calling you name’s they have-not one argument left.” Well you guys started calling names from day 1, sadly you never had an argument only project fear!   To conclude, Asia is where the future lies, and I can tell you they do not look to the Uk and see us as a joke they are too busy building a better life for their citizens. No big ivory towers here, nor drunken sops or missing billions.  

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