The Brexit Resistence Is Hotting Up

17.4M are abused, lied to for wanting a future for Great Britain The lemmings following the Globalists the path to ruin Since I started to write about brexit and I’ve now written over 100 blogs on this subject, several behaviours have concerned me: Why certain individuals behave the way they do? By this I mean... Continue Reading →


Indonesia on track for a successful future.

Indonesia has been my life since 1985, when I first visited Bali during a holiday, endearing me to this dynamic collection of magical islands, all things Indonesian. Here I am 34 years later living as a retiree on the paradise isle of Bali, married to wonderful smart Balinese lady. Indonesia has prepared for the future... Continue Reading →

Free From Politicians Vested Interests?

Not yet! But we must not let our guard down, we must break from the Bilderberg parliament and all their destructive powers. We must, must focus on rebalancing our economy. We have undergone a period of destruction, for what? So that the Bilderbergs can achieve their goal of forming the three global pillars. They're still... Continue Reading →

May gone, now the Globalists!

Ding Dong Mrs May has gone.No doubt my comment here will be viewed as cruel and harsh, and yes I do not like to see an individual broken, particularly due to their conviction which has been exercised through their passion. But let's be clear Mrs May went against the electorate, went against Parliament and went... Continue Reading →

Break From Vested interests.

For too long we have allowed politician's to lie to us and to feather their nest. Since the 70s we have been lied to, our industries have been allowed to fail, and for what? So Soros can define the world map, the three pillars. We are in truly dangerous time given his age! Our decline... Continue Reading →

May, just in the wrong place!

The pictures of May last night really do want to make your heart go out to her. But she is just in the wrong democracy, Franco's Spain or Maduro's Venezuala would have suited her better! What a shambles; Soros is backing the wrong horse! Changes has lost the plot! Thank god for Nigel Farage he... Continue Reading →

Let’s have inquiries Mr Brown

There are just so many subjects to inquire about: namely 400 metric tonnes of gold, that you forewarned the market that you would sell, even the dates. You sold this gold at a quarter of its value. Whom did you sell it to? You abuse the system then there will be consequences Dear Gordon Brown... Continue Reading →

Bilderberg’s EU is not our EU!

Bilderberg's, EU is not toy made available for as a rich person pleasure to control the masses. Bilderberg's are everywhere in the Sky's (O'leary),  in the Cabinet (Amber Rudd), Elder statesmen (Ken Clarke), anti brexit Yvette Cooper (Ed Balls), Royalty (Prince Charles) the list continues: Osborne, Blair, Major (referred as the Bilderberg poodle), Cameron, World... Continue Reading →

Sunday of Lies and Blair Spin

What a morning that Sunday was. The Andrew Marr show was disgraceful.  The BBC really have little regard for 17. 4M licence payers (I suspect that number is greater now), that's nearly £100M per year in the licence fee.  They (BBC) are clear, their master is the €52M per year that the EU grant to... Continue Reading →

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