British Democracy has failed replaced by blackmail. And Floating Blimp’s



Donald Trump isolating Venezuala yet cosying up to the Queen of another despot regime or so it appears.

Can Donald Trump really be seen to blast Venezuela, apply sanctions on the oil industry in order to isolate Maduro forcing him from office? (For those that are not aware Venezuela have lurched to right and become an anti democratic dictatorship. In reality relations have been icy since Hugo Chavez took office 14 years ago. But, under Maduro we have a permafrost). Whilst at the same time courting favour with the Queen of another anti democratic regime. Please don’t get me wrong I love our Queen, I think she does a sterling job, but sadly she is being dragged into Mrs May soup.
I have a number of questions, perhaps no different to anybody else.  I liken the UK to that of Venezuela. For sure there will be cries of absurdity, what a ridiculous statement.


Consider this:
  1. The leader of the opposite is a huge fan of Maduro and a great supporter of the Venezuala dictatorship
  2. Mrs May has lost the support of her party. She has lost the vote 3 times, yet she still insists on bringing the vote back.. why?
  3. The answer to that point lays in Johnny Mercer’s “I have news for you” comment. They are digging dirt and blackmailing MPs in order to get the numbers up! Now I’m not sure about you, is blackmail legal? Only an authoritarian dictatorship would resort to such tactics! 
  4. Mrs May does not have the support of her party, her members, her electorate. She has proven to have lied to the electorate on no less than 3 occasions, having gone against her elected manifesto. 
  5. She is capitulating our great nation to a peacetime surrender without any good purpose, and she is using illegal practises to do this!  The question is of course around vested interests.


I come back, why on earth would Donald Trump cosy up to such a regime that oppresses its people in such a manner. 

Add to this a ridiculous floating blimp.  If I was him I’d walk away he doesn’t need the UK! When we grow up and have adults again running the country then he should come visit, if he wants to.

What happened to the UK? A lurch to Authoritarianism with a slippery slope to Marxism. A perfect storm how did this happen? Because of Mrs May stubborn resolve to thwart the referendum result.

Jeremy Corbyn, if you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise. You better go in disguise. Don’t pick up any perfume bottles! 
Jeremy Corbyn a man of no honour and no principles when it comes to standing up for the British people. Well move over Jeremy there are more worthy candidates able to champion the cause for restoring democracy and delivering hope. This can be done without the the need for Lech Waleşa to come to our rescue. 
A man who breaks bread with the anti British despots from across the world, yet he will not sit for dinner with our greatest friend. The only people these actions impress are the Hollywood elite, the very individuals who don’t need the jobs that Donald’s grass roots policies assist. He will cosy up to the IRA as they murder his relatives across the streets of the whole of the UK. He will cosy up to Hamas, Hezbollah. Worse, Dawn Sturgess struggles for life, ultimately, sadly she died, he refuses to condemn the very regime responsible. 

The UK Parliament is model for low morales and unethical behaviour just so they can give our country away!

The correlation between the Para’s and Airey Neave  read more here

 Be careful what you wish for.
Like most, I am appalled at the legal system and their need to persecute the Para of the 1970s, leave it be. But, if we must act in this bizarre way it’s right and proper than the Airey Neave bombing should be reopened and the perpetrators brought to justice.
I can’t leave today session without a passing comment to the European Union after all it is our membership that has polarized all the UK cracks in our infrastructure. I have if you like banged on about the Euro, yet it’s still with us why? It is an ideological form of utopia for a continent historically intent on its own annihilation. It is all part of a Caesar form of royalism in order to build an empire where the strongest dominate and weak flounder.  The Euro is built on a form of capitalist hegemony which cares not one jot for the strengths of others nor the learned philosophy with which our culture is based. 

Professor Otmar Issing  read more here

“One day the house of cards will collapse” Professor Otmar Issing. Oh another expert I hear you say and you’re right experts seen to bumble from one articulate baloney to another. But this expert is The founding chief economist of the ECB and chastened prophet of the Euro project, the big daddy of the Euro. 
I will leave this here and hope you enjoy reading this, please do comment, like or share. 

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