Nigel Farage Vs Tommy Robinson then came Donald Trump


The European Union’s unbridled opposition Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson

It’s deeply worrying, the UK has lost its way due to very poor leadership. To watch question time last Thursday and see the passion levied at the panel from the audience.  Yet still the politicians do not see it, and nor do they feel it. They revert to tried and trusted script that “what the people want is better care services, better funded NHS”. You can almost look back at the politician speak from over 50 years it is always the same. You know they are right of course these are issues we care about. But most pressing right now is the brexit betrayal, the cavalier disregard for democracy, this is the greatest issue on the table at this time. John Rhys-Davies eloquently put it: A politician’s mandate 1st and foremost is to uphold democracy. That is not the case with this parliament! 
I refer to a cavalier disregard to the result of the referendum, a cavalier disregard to the democratic process that we the United Kingdom have developed over many centuries, whose traditions are admired from across the world, a cavalier disregard for a legal system, for sure we have left the European Union.

Theresa May and her Pandora’s box with not a Free Trade Agreement in sight

Theresa May has single-handed unleashed the Tommy Robinson genie from the jar, she has opened the Pandora box and out popped Tommy Robinson. From this genie the consequences she can not now avoid. To put this into perspective; if you enter names into google analytics such as; Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg even Tony Blair. Their individual search metric is around 20,000 to 30,000 searches per month. Tommy Robinson enjoys over 74,000 searches per month. I think the conservatives and our Marxist friend to the left have indeed misunderstood the mood of the electorate.  
You hear terms from the labour deputy leader referring to Nigel Farage as the extreme right.  What planet is he on really, what a stupid reference and to be honest we better hope we have a Nigel Farage in the loop as he will represent the middle ground the yang to Tony Blair’s labour party. 

Donald Trump State visit

This week we have announced the State visit of Donald Trump, if ever you had a doubt about self-serving politicians then here you see it. Diplomacy is dead. As one member of the audience of question time put it; if we were invaded by a hostile force Donald Trump’s America would be the 1st port of call for assistance. America is our greatest friend regardless as to what you think of the man the office demands our respect. Diplomacy should be resurrected, a stiff upper lip, and give this man the time of his life in as many golden carriages as he needs. As to not do so for egotistical reason then we are indeed voting to be poorer a term our self-serving politicians keep reminding us of. 
For sure a lobby should be found for the Great British public to ensure that the Great office of the President of the United States is made welcome in our land, not just Corbyn or cable’s, our land.

Nigel Farage Brexit Party

Nigel Farage has indeed launched his brexit party in a fan fare of hope. For he is our only choice to sort this mess out and remove us from the failing project known as the European Union. The signs are clear, the regulations are killing our manufacturing which has systematically taken place since we joined. The city is constantly under threat from Michel Barnier as minutes of meeting between him and Lord king will attest to. 
More discussion continues in regard to Nicola Sturgeons quest to split the union. Personally I think this would be a sad endeavour for many reasons, but primarily our shared heritage, our shared Monarchy, our shared language. But, also Scotland exports four times more to the UK than they do to the European Union. England’s tax payers subsidize Scotland to the tune of £1000 per head. For me this is a no brainer, it creates so many headaches not least for Scotland and it’s not at all clear the European Union would take on a Scotland when it has lost the equivalent of 20 EU states.

German AFd party

In Germany, we have the AFD a passionate right wing party who control 96 seats in the Bundestag, whose stated aim is Dexit. Ironically Nicola Sturgeon may leave a successful union to join a failing union to find that the union does not exist any longer.  There seems just one ideological ego at play here. 
Consider this the Euro is a straight jacket for the Med removing sovereign decisions that enable a country to move through difficult times. That no longer exists hence the deep despair of the young across the Med. Their only hope is that Germany leaves the Euro which will let the euro devalue. The alternative is the Med countries leave. With Euro debt any new currency they take will sink leaving them saddled with Euro debt which they would be unable to repay. Imagine that on the world stage, it would make 2008 look like a picnic.

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