Is David Lammy Frustrating Brexit? When could MPs just spout anything and demand we listen

Is David Lammy Deliberately Frustrating Brexit

A bizarre attitude has emerged in our politics and it’s not pleasant. Name calling in the most unpleasant terms has become the norm.

For Mr Lammy whilst being interviewed by Andrew Marr to come out with the divisive language that he did by referring to Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG as somehow worse than Nazis beggars belief. It is not only absurd to use such a term it trivializes one of the worst chapters in Europe history.

It is exactly this type of language that embarrasses the UK internationally, and it comes from Mr Lammy a member of the party that is found to be anti-Semitic. Where does he think this will lead? One can only assume that he is seeking his fame as though a celebrity courts fame through notoriety.

However, not only is the content to trivialize the atrocity of the Hitler era through his national TV interview. He then holds an interview claiming community police are non-existent as he has seen none, whilst all the time an officer can be seen behind him. This is not acceptable behaviour from an eminent politician.

Why is David Lammy looking Foolish to Frustrate Brexit?

Mr Lammy address to the house is equally absurd, lacking facts and thought:

“Why? Because we have a duty to tell our constituents the truth, even when they passionately disagree . . . Brexit is a con, a trick, a swindle, a fraud,” said Mr Lammy, arguing that the NHS would be impoverished not enriched by Brexit, and immigration would “go up, not down”.

Where on earth does this come from?

Mr Lammy has a duty of care, his claims and statements should come with facts, not a portrayal of empty emotive words. In business to make such a speech without supporting facts his credibility would be shot to pieces. One can only assume that notoriety is his aim, for sure he has become a household name.  One that I am embarrassed by!


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